A quantum leap at the quantum Meet

November 20, 2018 written by
quantum leap at the quantum meet

A Meet for distributors and product launches that was a huge success

Neva Garments Limited, means Neva clothing for life. The leading thermal wear manufacturer Neva Garments had organised a Neva Quantum Jump Goa Meet 2018-19.

Distributors from all over India gathered during the Meet. The company showcased its new product range and discussed in detail about the firm’s growth. The company unveiled its new winter collection including thermal wear, winter active wear, active wear and innerwear. Further more, the company even presented its up and coming collection of Summer for 2019-20.

A quantum leap at the quantum Meet- 2

Neva launched its Neva Glacia Collection of thermal wear for the soon approaching winter season. The distributors who came in from different cities of India appreciated the Meet and even contributed with their valuable suggestions. In order to benefit the distributors, the company launched various schemes during the Meet and during the event, the company even organised a Mediation camp.

Now. Neva is evolving into a whole new concept…’Clothing for Life’, a revolution in the context of clothing and dressing. Clothes have been the company’s companion in exploring the outside world. And there comes clothing for life, which has been the root of their thought. Hence, they come up with the best innovative technology in clothing that accompanies you in your daily outing to make it lively and fun.

Today Neva primarily operates in six categories, namely—Thermal wear, Active wear, Sweaters, Jackets, Innerwear, and Lingerie for men, women and kids. Neva Mod quilt, Neva Esancia, Neva Velveti, Neva Sofit, Live Free, Neva Maxx, Neva Miss, and Neva Mint are some of their top brands.

As the portfolio of products of the company is increasing rapidly, it is  considering showcasing the range in multi-branded stores through a special counter. This will enable the customer to see and choose from the large range of the brand’s products.

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