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Editorial Jan issue of LnL

A Start to a new year, which hold promise of a new beginning like we haven’t seen before. I have been in Lingerie Trade for over 20 years now  like they say “Been There, Done that”. It does gives me a feeling of déjà vu at times, because nothing that occurs hasn’t occurred before, the challenges may be new, but deep down they are the same in a new avatar.

But the demonetisation is really something!! That we Indians hadn’t figured or even fathomed, nor got to the depth of really how deep the problem is at hand or what the solutions are? Will it provide the solutions or not provide at all, both in the short term or in the long term? A lot of debate is still ongoing in various forums what is the efficacy of this move, whether its implementation was right or wrong? Who suffered how much? and who didn’t suffer at all? Did it effect the rich or did it hit the poor and the middleclass most of all?

Well, no body can give answers to these questions with certainty, because it really depends on which side of the coin your loyalties lie. You will take a stand for or against as it suits your predicament or your good fortune? But it has collectively shaken the conscience of the entire nation. So much so that the cause and the effect on the socio economic and political scenario will take a long time to analyse and in some cases the analysis will go on for a few years if not for a few months, before we can reach some plausible conclusions

Who know what will Demonetisation lead to? Only time will tell. Coming back to our Jan issue we have several goodies for you. We take a fresh look at the shapewear market and talk to the key proponents in this business and how they are faring? Also our customary preview of the swimwear market is there for you to base your marketing on this report. Besides we have tried to uncover the complex 2016 year for our trade by getting a plethora of responses from all quarters.

The viewpoint explores the contentious issue of how professional or well-trained are our workforce in the lingerie industry and we have several experts debating this issue!!

Besides our regular columns, we have the trends for 2017 swimsuits and get the latest store review of Enamor Newly opened store in Bangalore.

So happy reading and A VERY HAPPY & PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR !!

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