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Cute little things

People in India are growing way too conscious about their fashion and styling in today’s era, so why not bring them to CLTS bedrooms. Feel good factor & style is what they provide. They want people to pamper themselves. It’s called the Clts experience.

They want to change the way people think of nightwear in India. “Don’t Wear your old clothes to bed” & get new fashionable bedroom labels. We hope you like our products with the same passion with which we create them. was  launched in March, 2014. Clts is all about creating a WOW factor. It is about a new wave of creativity and innovation in this commercial world.

Reviewing the website

The color is one of the most powerful elements of the design concept. Pink and white website template exuberates femininity. The chic theme features a minimal style and soft color palette with tons of features. It includes a custom header logo area, featured homepage widget, custom background, and social media icons. The colors and typography have an especially soft touch to give your site a more feminine feel.  With safe online shopping the website is user – friendly.

The following tabs are featured on the top menu such as Cute Nightwear, Little Lingerie, Titbits & Accessories, Swim & Holiday Wear, Make It Special, Kids And Lookbook.

Select a product of your choice followed by price, feature, design, material, and special.  Add the product to your cart and checkout. Once you add your favourite product to the cart, you will be re-directed to a checkout page where you are given the option to sign in with facebook,  log-in as an existing customer, register as a new customer or guest check out.

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Gift Packaging

This gift wrap can be done for only for Rs.30/-  Inside lies the cutest packaging ever, with a transparent sheet to help you see the product you ordered online.

Remove the sticker and open the box to experience happiness.

Free shipment, gift wrapping, personalized message are a few of the benefits their client gets. They  have a “make it special ” upcoming section for customisation and special occasions. It will be something no website has provided as of today.” has a very clear size chart followed with instructions on their website making it easy for a client to be confident of the purchase they are making. was started by Pratik and Shruti Kasat in 2014. Shruti Kasat being a  designer and Pratik’s background being a Management Graduate, both of them wanted to start something new and this seemed to be a perfect mix for the both of them.

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In conversation with Pratik Kasat, Director  at Clts.In

Could you describe your brands aesthetic and website design?

P.K: “ was designed entirely by Shruti with months of planning and execution going into it. We wanted to keep the whole layout and feel very cute and simple just like our products.”

Why the name cute little things?

P.K: “Because it’s the cute little things in life which matter the most. Keeping it very simple, we wanted our brand name to reflect the kind of products that we make.”

Could you describe a woman who would wear your designs?

P.K: “The Clt.s women varies in age, race, colour and profession. What links them together is the attitude with which they live life. They are the talented, hardworking and independent women who come home to some fun. They are the experimenters and enjoy living each day a new. Clt.s believes in bringing fashion right into our bedrooms and the fashion conscious women of today resonate with this.”

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How many designs have the brand come up with since the launch?

P.K: “Clts is all about quirk and cool prints teamed with great quotes that the young women can relate to. We find inspiration in the latest international fashion and youth cultures. Most of our ideas come from mere observation. Be it newspapers, magazines, internet, international trends, retailer’s and customer feedbacks etc., one basically needs to keep his/her eyes and ears open all the time and observe fashion. Having said that we also follow design and colour forecasts for every season well in advance.”

Who or what inspires you?

P.K: “We are inspired by the young and striving women of today’s India and we always aim to design for such strong and talented women.”

How long after the launch of your company did you start pitching in social media?

P.K: “Since the very beginning, though we were not very active. Only after some celebrities started featuring on our Instagram page that we got going on social media.”

How much do you depend on social media for marketing?

P.K: “We use Facebook campaigns for our new collection or for any upcoming event. Social media has great reach if targeted well.”

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Could you describe your product packaging?

P.K: “We designed our packaging for ourselves, as in how we would have loved receiving the product ourselves. Along with each order, we write a personalised thank you note to the customer. The plastic packaging helps to keep it weather proof and is light weight as well.”

Are the products produced in the India or abroad?

P.K: “All the products are 100% ‘Make in India'”

What is so important different about your products that we need to know about?

P.K: “We believe we are not doing anything different. We are just doing it in a cute way. Nightwear as a category has been there since long. We just make products with great quality and 100% comfort. The return value for a brand is not only in the look but also in the comfort and quality of it. We feel our design sensibility and quality control are our biggest USP’s.”

What’s your opinion on the lingerie design and market in India?

P.K: ” Lingerie design and the market both is evolving at a frantic pace in India. One can see the revolution in the society mirroring the products in the market. Though I feel, this is just the tip of the iceberg. The Indian fashion scenario has always been the followers of western brands ; we need more innovators and fresh designers.”

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How would you describe your brands aesthetic?

P.K: “Our brand is targeted towards the fashion forward clientele who are constantly in touch with the latest global trends and want the same from us Indian brands. Clts is all about cool and cute aesthetics with silhouettes that fit perfectly in our Indian body type, making it the perfect buy for customers here. Right since the beginning, we wanted our customers to believe in our motto ‘Don’t wear your old clothes to bed’ and they have accepted this whole heartedly.”

What can the consumers expect in terms of products ?

P.K: ” The latest collection is called ‘Just the Start’. Winter has become a very short season these days, thus we focus mainly on the pre-winter range. Shot outdoors, it gives a holiday feel for the upcoming holiday season.”

What strategy do you follow for customer satisfaction & expansion?

P.K: “Customer delight is something we want to achieve with every single order. Apart from a personalised note, we ensure second day dispatch of the ordered goods. We have a section for special greeting/message if you want to gift directly from our website. For expansion, we take part in many exhibitions which helps people to touch and feel the products. Once they wear it, it creates a great recall for our brand which is faster than many others which they see just through sponsored ads.”

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How has been the response from Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier 3 markets? What challenges do you face there?

P.K: “The response has been great. Though most of our orders come from the Metro cities, but when we see orders from remote pin codes, we do get excited. People are definitely more aware now and make an informed decision. The main challenge is reverse pick-up which turns out to be very expensive.”

What inspiration was taken in designing the website? How do you infuse newness to your portal?

P.K: “The game is to constantly keep updating your online data. We have recently revamped the whole look and feel of the website and made it more minimalistic and appealing than before. We understand the strength of our website. Almost every month we do certain changes and updates to keep up with it. Simple international websites were followed in terms of layout. AB testing was done by our near and dear ones.”

Is there any particular detail/fabric/element/… that you use repeatedly in your designs? If so, why?

P.K: “We are constantly changing our designs but what is repeated is our fabrics providing the best and most comfortable material available. Mostly 100% cotton fabric is used which is the most important aspect in comfort.”

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How many orders do you ship in a day?

P.K: “ shipments vary from 4-6 orders per day depending on the season of purchase. It goes up considerably during the wedding and holiday season.”

According to you, What do consumers expect from the online shopping?

P.K: “Online shoppers want the best deals sitting in their homes and they want the product to match the pictures and description with 100% satisfaction. ”

Was it challenging entering this industry?

P.K: “Manufacturing is always challenging. But since our family has been into readymade garments since the past 40 years now and a brand like Icefire to back us, it was relatively easier. The biggest challenge first up is sourcing of raw materials as per your taste and second is breaking into the mindset of the customers.”

How do your customers show your success?

P.K: “Our customers have often thanked us for our styling and comfort. They have also expressed happiness for speedy delivery. When customers post online tagging us for our products/service we believe we have succeeded.”

How does a business owner determine if e-commerce is a smart solution?

P.K: “If you invest enough time and effort, then e-commerce will definitely give you returns. For us, the biggest benefit has been brand recall. A lot of other benefits apart from orders come by if you have an active online presence and we have felt that along our way.”

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What is the autumn/ winter 2017 collection about?

P.K: “The AW2017 is a range with fresh and new colours. Winters are no more boring greys and blacks. People want to feel good always be it summers or winters. Having kept this in mind, we have come up with our latest collection which has a lot of animal prints, night suits with spaghettis, hoodies etc.”

What are your future plans?

P.K: “We are really working hard on making the shopping experience on our website cuter and more fun for our clients. With lots of new features added already and some upcoming product ideas we feel our website is going to be an exciting place for shoppers. The personalised section along with a new bunch of accessories will make the customers want to visit the website more frequently.”

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