Eurojersey unveils Sensitive Fabrics swimwear 2020

December 1, 2018 written by
Eurojersey unveils Sensitive Fabrics swimwear 2020

Eurojersey, the leading manufacturer of warp-knit Sensitive Fabrics headquartered in Italy, has launched a new swimwear collection for 2020

, designed to let thoughts flow free and unfetter the imagination. The Spring Summer 2020 season is characterised by original and creative themes, ideal for adding verve to a contemporary concept of femininity.

High performing sensitive fabrics give each swimwear garment an impeccable fit along with a high resistance to the effects caused by chlorinated water, sun creams, and heat. Quick drying, shape retaining and colour resistant, Sensitive Fabrics are the winning solution for top quality swimwear whether worn on the beach or used for sports activities, Eurojersey said in a media statement.

Four main themes that spring from the versatility of Sensitive Fabrics include Beating, Whispering, Swinging, and Parley. They range from elegant and fashionable animalier themes played out in light-dark contrasting effects – to reflect a collective sensation, to soft delicate shades recalling a close contact with the environment in a man nature duality which seems to be resolved quietly and pacifically.

The Beating theme expresses the strong chameleon-like identity of Sensitive Fabrics, consisting of dynamic and resonant nuances, with pronounced animalier accents, rendered three-dimensional and textural by look and feel effects obtained by the digital printing technique applied to Sensitive Sand, Sensitive Classic, Sensitive Plus, and Sensitive Sheer fabrics. A dark filter intensifies the colour contrasts of a contemporary attitude, making them versatile and perfect, elegant and fashionable for everyday use or a special beach party.

Whispering includes a variegated range of pastel shades. The links between natural and artificial underpin a respect for the environment and human beings. The foliage motifs, softened by hazy filters, confer sensations of relaxation, total silence, and a desire to flee from chaos. They are prints for fashionable swimsuits, ideal for a yoga lesson or a comfortable and relaxing break, thanks to the comfort of Sensitive Classic and Sensitive Plus fabrics.

Swinging includes energy-packed dynamic colours with nuances borrowed from the world of modern art. A mood that is contemporary and fun, whose luminous tones engage all the senses in unexpected and often disharmonious rhythms, provides the inspiration for Sensitive Classic, Sensitive Plus, Sensitive Perforated, and Sensitive Fluo fabrics. Trendy colours and patterns confer a boost of energy and evoke fun occasions.

Parley prints are inspired by the ‘Parley for the Oceans’ concept, an invitation to reflect on the main threats menacing the oceans, the most important eco-system of our planet. Patterns echo the sea depths, thanks to digital printing, as well as infinite nuances combined with colours ranging from blues to sand. It includes trends conceived for functional fitness and sport, made up in Sensitive Classic, Sensitive Sculpt, and Sensitive Sculpt Light fabrics.

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