Fulgar’s Q-NOVA fibre joins the Higg Index

October 3, 2017 written by
fulgar q-nova fibre
Fulgar, a manufacturer of nylon and covered yarns for the man-made fibre sector, has announced the achievement of a new goal in its commitment to ever-increasing sustainability levels, as one of its key products, Q-NOVA nylon fibre, joining the Higg Index. The index uses credible scientific data to objectively measure a products’ environmental performance.
Developed by the SAC, Sustainable Apparel Coalition, which includes many of the most illustrious names in the international garment industry, the idea behind the Higg index is to create a unique instrument available to all operators in the supply chain, enabling them to assess the environmental impact of a garment’s entire life cycle. It is a significant step forward towards transparency in the textile sector, and a powerful support for all companies in the value chain as it provides them with a method of comparing different materials so they can make knowledgeable, more sustainable choices.
The analysis, based on a wide array of parameters, was rigorously applied to Q-NOVA, Fulgar’s flagship product, a 6.6 eco-sustainable nylon fibre made exclusively from regenerated raw materials. This extremely ecological product fulfils precise traceability requirements, and aims to generate reductions in CO2 emissions and cut water use.  The Higg index is further proof of Fulgar’s commitment to green production and to supporting the values of its eco-friendly products, required for now by Q-NOVA but soon to be extended to other categories of Fulgar products.
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