Latest technology used by Japanese  retailer to offer custom-fit clothing

August 22, 2018 written by
Latest technology used by Japanese  retailer to offer custom-fit clothing - 1

ZOZO, the Japanese retailer, which is expanding reaching 72 countries, may show that combining consumer-centric thinking with innovative technology is the end of standardised sizing in fashion.

The experience of buying clothing that fits to perfection has remained somehow frustrating even though the industry is moving rapidly towards more personalised products. This is also partially though, as keeping in with today’s fast-changing fashion scenario and consumer demand, clothes are mass produced following the same design pattern.


Besides, fashion brands are able to cut the costs of their production by using the same shape for all existing sizes. Moreover, the capacity of fashion brands to create clothes with a perfect fit for all body types is reduced with the existing technology.


Now, ZOZOTOWN, the largest online fashion retailer in Japan, which has launched it own fashion brand, ZOZO is getting rid of this standard apparel sizing, in the shape of the ZOZOSUIT by using this revolutionary technology. The brand makes custom-fit clothing possible for all in two simple steps, to solve the issue of standardised sizing. Firstly, the buyer has to wear the ZOZOSUIT, an at-home measurement smart garment, which allows precise measuring of the body. And secondly, the ZOZO app collects and sends the precise measurements to the brand via the use of human-centric approach to pattern making. Hence, the brand is able to create clothing in the shape and size of each individual customer.

About 300 to 400 unique dots to measure your body through the ZOZO app, which is how the ZOZOSUIT functions. The customer uses their smart phone’s camera to take 12 photos, which finally results in a three-dimensional view of the customer’s body shape.

the entire measuring session is straightforward and easy to achieve with the help of the app’s audio-guided process. After donning the bodysuit, placing the smartphone on the stand provided, the measuring process begins. Three minutes is all it takes to complete the process and you can see a complete 3D render of your body on your phone. Now, an exact fit clothing can be ordered from the brand’s website. You are even allowed extra customisations to meet all your preferences.

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