lessons of seduction for him and her by  Aubade part vi

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seduction bra by aubade

For five months, Aubade has been igniting our senses with their sensuous lingerie beckoning us to take a cue from their exotic collection. Now it’s time to bid adieu to these ‘Lessons of Seduction‘ so aesthetically portrayed through this six part series. In this last part, enjoy a generous dose of these must-try pleasures that caress your body and skin like none other.  


#Lesson 7

To disturb the mind

Visualisation helps women warm up. Bring her body to life by seducing her in front of a full-length mirror and then stroke her shoulders, arms, and hips as you describe what you like about each part.

 lecon-4 lecon-5 lecon-7

#Lesson 6

If he resists, practice hypnosis

Another way to hypnotide someone is by being a reflection of him or her. This simply involves copying everything that your lover does. If you are out for a dinner and he/she reaches out for a drink, do the same. This way, your lover will start feeling more comfortable with you and within no time you will achieve your goals.


#Lesson 5

Alter the differences

Take a minute to do what you’d normally do in two seconds. Moving in slow motion makes you acutely aware of every sensation.


#Lesson 4

Remind him how fragile you are

If you’ve got a new sexual skill, by all means, break it out. But do so with respect for the mood and for her reaction; if it’s not working, let it go.

 lecon-3 lecon-2 lecon-1

#Lesson 3

Place some obstacles in his way

Enjoy her lingerie…few guys know how much a woman loves to be stroked with her bra and panties still on, so don’t rush to get her naked.


#Lesson 2

Take it by feelings

Even if sometimes your lover’s behaviour makes you feel uncomfortable, it’s never a wise choice to show your negative side. Show your love every time you have the opportunity.


#Lesson 1

Intoxicate him

Increase clitoral contact in the missionary position by placing two or three pillows under her butt to lift it off the bed at an angle. You’ll rub against her more when thrusting.

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