Lingerie Shop Changing the Attitude of Indian Women for Intimates!

July 27, 2018 written by
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The Lingerie Shop is changing the cultural attitudes towards shopping for women’s lingerie in India! Brand Lingerie Shop is the one-stop destination for everything ‘lingerie’. It aims at breaking the stereotype in intimate wear by offering bespoke products with a serious mix of fun, sexy, fit, and comfort.


Woven from the finest fabrics offering premium quality, Lingerie Shop’s products are crafted to inspire the chic and sexy. The design range already features six categories that cater to every body type, from petite to abundant. A perfect pick for every occasion, every mood!


Last year, Radhika Goenka, heiress to the Welspun Group, took the first step and started her own line of women’s innerwear— Lingerie Shop, in Mumbai.


In the brand’s latest update they’re launching two new brands this summer, Hello Sugar and Daily. Hello Sugar is a bright youthful collection available in candy colours, bright macaroon colours  and fancy candy bras, which will all include a lot of mesh and lace. The price range for Hello Sugar will be between INR 499 to INR 1200.  And the second brand Daily they like to call it the #second skin, which will be a range of bras in all skin nude tones. This range will be pried at  INR299 to INR 1200. The Daily collection will be crafted in the most comfortable cotton fabric for everyday wear. These two new brands will be covering all size ranges from 30A to 40G.

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In an exclusive conversation with Lace-n-Lingerie, the founder of ‘The Lingerie Shop’, Radhika Goenka talks about her expansion plans…


In your opinion, what drives brand growth? How many monthly active users have you got?

R.G: Brand growth is by the ethos of what the brand stands for and the same applies for us at Lingerie Shop as well. We have had quite an increase in the number of followers upto 4K + and more , going upwards. It’s all about panache and style and brand icon that’s what the platform is all about. The demography of our buyers ranges from 16-25. It’s a very young demographic.


What did your company do differently this year that moved the needle for Lingerie Shop?

R.G: We have launched the country’s first period panties. All 100 per cent cotton in black and skin! And now we’re adding a new colour pink as well to the collection, which will be available soon on

And, Pure for Be Mine perfumes  are all made in Paris, France. These organic perfumes are exclusively for the Be Mine brand and are very sexy in fragrance and available for INR 980 on our platform lingerieshop and Tatacliq, Flipkart,

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Do you believe digital has helped or hindered your ability to engage with consumers in a more meaningful way and to become a more pertinent part of people’s lives?

R.G: Digital has definitely helped in a big way! With the usage of Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook, we have really achieved our customers’ expectations and our pertaining monthly targets.”

How do you identify opportunities for growth and get your organisation ready to seize each opportunity?

R.G: “We go with what’s going on in the market. If we see any new activity happening on the market place, we grasp it asap. And, any new things happening, we are always engaged in them…be it Style Cracker or Design One, or a cool fun collaboration. Be it with The Good Wife restaurant in BKC where we have a special discount offer taking place where you get a special gift voucher when you eat at The Good Wife in BKC and that gift voucher has a special code, which you can use on while checking out on your cart. It’s super cool! Please go eat at The Good Wife restaurant in BKC.


Coming to the lingerie vending machines, what is your next move?

R.G: We are launching touch screen vending machines in the next few months at airports and malls. Super excited about that!

What is your view on the current lingerie market in India?

R.G: It’s all digital and we have a long way to go when it comes to the growth aspect. It’s all online, Ecom! That’s where the crowd is at, and offline in shop and malls.

What are your future plans?

R.G: Go completely digital and launch more sub brands online.


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