New shirt to keep you cooler during exercise

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New shirt to keep you cooler during exercise

CoreSport, a sportswear company based in Dongguan, China, has developed a high-performance T-shirt made with moisture-absorbing, quick dry and breathable fabric, designed to keep a wearer comfortable during a high-intensity workout.


According to the company, the more you sweat, the cooler you feel with a CoreSport athletic shirt, designed to help athletes boost their performance. The new product is made of Specific Heat Capacity yarn and bamboo charcoal fibres, with composite powders of zinc, silver, copper phosphorus and other microelements to absorb perspiration and moisture.


The shirt also offers UV resistance thanks to the use of zinc oxide, as well as antibacterial and deodorant properties, helping reduce odour and rash often associated with sweating. The mesh fabric is made of 95% polyester and 5% Dacron close mesh, providing good permeability and heat dissipation.


According to the company, the three-layer mesh construction of the shirt, facilitating quick moisture absorption and evaporation, provides more breathability, meaning people can workout more effectively. “Also, there are some copper components infused in the fabric, which can enhance the circulation of body, which can improve the calorie burning rate,” the team explains.


CoreSport based its conclusions on the results of tests completed with athletes from the Barcelona Sporting Club Guayaquil’s football team in Ecuador. Twenty-four athletes participated in the study, with half of them wearing “standard sports clothing” and half wearing CoreSport during their 80-minute tests. Tests were taken to measure outer body and core body temperatures. According to the company, tests have shown that the CoreSport fabric reduces the skin surface temperature by 30%, and the core temperature by 0.5 degrees.


For the production of the shirt, the brand is collaborating with a factory in Shenzhen. “The factory has a long history of manufacturing fabrics and clothes. They  tested and produced lots of samples, finally successful embedding the CoreSport technology into our clothing.

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