New Tidings in New Financial Year!

May 9, 2017 written by

The new financial year is upon us in a jiffy, it looked as if it was yesterday we were celebrating the new year and looking with great hope for the new year were to bring in. Now at the start of a new financial year we are looking at the implementation of the much awaited GST which is slated to be a Game Changer and bring about a silent revolution in a way we do business. So much is expected once the GST comes in, that it has raised the level of expectancy amongst the traders to a large extent. There is also a fear that small traders might get wiped out as they will not be able to cope with the system. But as India showed during demonetisation, no amount of technology or savour faire is going to undermine its people wanting to do what they have to do and beat the system fair and square and people are ingenious enough in finding solutions which may seem canny and street smart. But that is the nature and level our citizens would go to save their skin, albeit see to it that they are not at a loss or their near and dear ones do not lose out.

A pointer in this direction is when the automobile co’s off loaded vehicles at 50 to 80% discount to beat the deadline of the supreme court verdict to restrict BS 3.0 and some 8.0 lakh vehicles out of the total 12.0 lakh were just sold within a day. What the automobile industry couldn’t do, the supreme court did it from them. Have a Mega Sale at the cost of the very citizen it ought to protect. Perhaps what their judgement lacked was the caveat that none of these BS 3.0 would sell in India.

The markets are quite gung-ho and have sprung back with vengeance as the election results have shown, when the stock market went for an upward swing and now the bourses touching the 30,000 mark.

This issue of Lace-n-Lingerie is quite special as well, we have the story of a Scion from Rupa going in for the foreign brands FCUK & Fruit of the Loom. The sizing has always been an issue and we have a solution to this vexed problem. Have you heard of the HOENSTEIN Project?  Check this story and many of your doubts regarding sizing will be cleared? What the designs school teaching you about lingerie? Or are they just paying lip service? We find out? And a good stock of our regular features and columns.

So good reading all round! So Enjoy this issue a cool sip of icesockle!



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