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Retro blue prints

What stays in trend today can make a comeback tomorrow, and when they do make a comeback they get labeled as the retro. Retro trends in fashion; especially in lingerie is a big thing as it sets the path for some serious fashion talk. So, we have been hearing this that retro prints are going to rock the lingerie wardrobe this spring.

In the last edition of New York Fashion Week towards the end of last year it was formally announced that retro is going to rock the fashionista’s shelves this spring. From tie-dye to polka dots to checks to vivacious colours and floral prints a lot of 90s trends are going to make a comeback this year.

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In line with the international reports, home grown popular lingerie brand Zivame also hooked in a report on retro prints and they clearly highlighted that “polkas have been a classic among many fashion lovers for a long time. But now, they’re also making a comeback for those who weren’t always too style savvy. What we love is how easy it is pairing this print with other prints or even solid colours to make a fashion statement in just a few steps,” on their own blog.

Amelia Lindquist

Even Amelia Lindquist, Solid & Striped Design Director has earlier predicted that she can spot that the ’90s trend will stay and evolve to become the ’90s-does-’70s in a big way. She went on to say that the effect of this trend will slowly get translated into lingerie and it will result into sweet peasant silhouettes, sporty tankini moments, and retro textured swimsuits. In line with her thoughts, many international and national brands have started to explore retro styles for 2019, as well. High cuts, bows, patchwork, embroidery, and other such significant 90s trends are surely getting back in style to the customers.

Brand make

Reciprocating in favour of retro, Puneet Khatri, Floret lingerie mentioned, “Yes retro is making a comeback in the lingerie industry.  It’s a fashion cycle what goes and comes back again and again as you cannot really part ways with these fashion trends. It is a myth that when it comes to lingerie women do not want to experiment these days lingerie is not only a necessity it’s a style and fashion statement for women.


Perhaps that cause drives back retro trends towards the industry again and again. We love recreating patterns and prints that sell the most but at the same time we also need some experimental prints and patterns to hit the market and our target audience. So, now a day’s retro print is a hit or win situation for our industry. Going towards the retro prints can sound like a trend as I would like to say again it’s like a cycle ‘what goes come back again’. So the 90s Fashion in 2019 would be the fashion statement for the current scenario.

Resonating his thoughts Mr Babu Khewansha, Owner Director, Scan Lingerie mentioned that, “retro is timeless. There is no going out of fashion for retro rather it always stays in fashion. How much ever we try to make the most of the fashion gone by, we will always have more to explore and more to get inspiration from. Women have always felt more comfortable wearing basic styles. So, what have been tried and tested to rule the shelves once can really rock the market again and again without any discrepancies.”

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Catch the trend

Old is indeed gold and there is more in store for retro lingerie this year. So, eye the domestic brands to horde your shelves with your own dose of polka print lingerie or pick some lacy frilly vivacious pieces from popular international brands to fight the mid-week blues in retro style. You can consider some of the following to rule the stylebook this 2019.

  • Neon colour lingerie: Show off your lingerie in style and wear them in colours that do the talking.
  • Push-up bras: Get the celeb look right and wear some heavily padded bras to raise the oomph factor!
  • Animal and retro prints: What made a comeback during the fall of 2018 is here to stay this year also, so it not yet time to say goodbye to some special printed lingerie.

Retro dressing is all about finding your niche with comeback fashion. So, stay high on the radar and get that look to steal some show this year!

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