Selective launches sustainable undershirts

September 25, 2017 written by
Selective tees brand

Selective, a San Francisco based startup dedicated to making quality lifestyle products for everyday use, has announced the launch of its sustainable range of undershirts

‘The Undershirt’ is made of bamboo viscose, a special fabric that provides exceptional touch and functional features to solve many problems with traditional cotton undershirts.


Unlike cotton, which requires massive amounts of water to grow, bamboo requires almost no irrigation and pesticides. Bamboo regenerates naturally and grows 10 times faster than a regular tree. Any product that is made of bamboo will eventually decompose into a nutrient rich soil, meaning that its remains are extremely valuable to the earth.


The fabric used in sustainable undershirt is a blend of 95 per cent bamboo viscose and 5 per cent spandex, said the company press release. It is 2 times softer than the finest cotton undershirts. It is 3 times more breathable than cotton, wicking moisture away from the body. The fabric will help the undershirt keep its form and stay wrinkle free. Bamboo is naturally anti-bacteria. It contains natural hollow channels that absorb unwanted odor and sweat to keep undershirts fresher for longer.


With a consistent fit and unparalleled softness, these undershirts are built to last. Selective cuts off the middle man and provides price transparency to

customers. “We want to re-imagine how people shop for their everyday basics. We believe that our customers deserve the highest-quality products at fair prices,” said the co-founder of Selective Anni Zha.


Selective also launched a Kickstarter campaign, utilising crowd sourcing to help bring ‘The Undershirt’ to the world. After only three days, Selective achieved its $5,000 funding goal and became the No.1 popular campaign under the fashion category.

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