Shoppers Stop relists products on online giant Amazon

May 20, 2019 written by
Shoppers Stop relists products on online giant Amazon

After new rules for foreign direct investment (FDI) in e-commerce retail disallowed investee companies from selling on e-marketplaces operated by the investor or subsidiary firms, Shoppers Stop had to withdraw from Amazon. However, after a break of three months, has started relisting products on the e-commerce space.

An investment firm of the, NV Investment Holdings LLC had minority stakes in Shoppers Stop (INR 179.26 crore), in September 2017.

Mr Rajiv Suri, Customer Care Associate, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, Shoppers Stop Ltd., stated that that the company had always complied with the requirements regulated and the relisting of products would complete soon. He added that, which is also a subsidiary of Shoppers Stop will be leveraged to list products on the online platform.

The omni-channel retailer, has created a new retail entity (, to adhere to the regulatory requirement. This will procure the products now from Shoppers Stop Ltd. to list and sell on the e-commerce space. Mr Suri stated that all the regulatory requirements were met with and also the latest FDI in e-commerce retail guidelines were complied with under the new structure.

The relisting has already started in small measures currently, however, Shoppers Stop is looking at increasing it gradually. Mr Suri said that they will scale it up slowly and that all products sold on Amazon before February 2019 would be relisted and everything will go back to being how it was earlier.

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