Steiger displayed the Taurus 2.170 XP, first 3D flat knitting machine  at ITMA Asia

April 7, 2017 written by

For the first time, Steiger, together with CiXing,  displayed the Taurus 2.170 XP, first 3D flat knitting machine which offers the possibility to knit complete garment knitwear with Intarsia patterns. The Taurus 2.170 XP machine contains two innovations patented by Steiger: the compound needle and the storage punch. This unique construction allows complete garment knitting with intarsia, multilayer knitting, and complex weft knitting.

Recognized strengths that Steiger’s equipment offers, such as the take-down and the open carriage are optimized on the Taurus 2.170 XP. New features such as the independent motorized clamps, the vertically and horizontally motorized yarn-guides have been developed, making the equipment user-friendly and easy to use.

The Taurus 2.170 XP is part of an innovative concept that includes the programming software, MODEL+ and the production control software NETCONTROL 2.0 which allows the networking of machines, online monitoring and a centralised production management able to deliver relevant statistics. The final confection is limited and automated thanks to the Auto linker coupled with a robot.

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