Support and help for Kerala flood victims

August 28, 2018 written by
support and help for kerala flood victims

Recently, the state of Kerala saw a deluge of floods that left thousands devastated and even homeless. This natural calamity of humongous proportions was nothing less than a tragedy and help poured in from all quarters across the country.


The lingerie industry too did its bit by coming together and donating essentials to the relief fund. Ashwani Gupta from Nagina Bras, while speaking about how they all decided to contribute, explained, “We were sitting at the monthly get together and we thought of the situation and decided to contribute to the Kerala flood victims. So, we approached Kerala House at Connaught Place where they were collecting all the items towards the relief fund. They told us about the essential items and told us that they were in desperate need of garments compared to other things.”


The group had thought of donating food and water but they were told that these things were already in abundance. Kerala House gave them a list of what was needed and the group donated 30 big cartons full of necessities.


The items they donated were garments for men, women and children, slippers for men and women, soap, toothpaste, Savlon, Dettol, milk powder, and biscuits. They also gave a cheque along with these items.


Mr Gupta stated that they were sure this initiative by the group will receive further response from more people. “We had circulated the message in the lingerie and supplier group and have also received from them as well. We are looking forward to getting more response from those in the group in the coming days too,” added Mr Gupta.

The following is the list of contributors

Mr Krishan Kumar Gupta – Nagina

Mr Satish Gupta – Bodycare International

Mr Rajan Gulati – Kalyani

Mr Sanjay Dawar – Bodycare Creations

Mr Atul Jain – Zoom

Mr Rajeev Jain – Nagoora Fabrics

Mr Sanjay Gupta – Parkar & Co

Mr Sumn Arora – Raja Textiles

Mr Mr Vineet Gupta – J.S. Elastic Pvt. Ltd.

Mr Navin Arora – Lady Lyra

Mr Sanjeev Gulati – Lily

The Fortune Club


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