Swim in style with these new costumes

April 5, 2019 written by
swim in style with new costumes

Comfort and ease for water activities

Summer times are to don those swimming costumes and indulge in water activities…and Jalaram has recently launched its new collection Swim X Swimming Wear to help you pick a stylish asnd comfortable swimsuit.

Available for girls, boys, women and men, the brand offers a wide range for different age groups. Girls can choose from a variety ranging in sizes S to 4XL that are priced at INR 695 to 1,245. While for boys the sizes range from S to 2XL and come at a price from INR 330 to 955.

For women, the sizes range from L to 4XL and the price range is INR 1160 to 1,995, while for men the sizes are S to 4XL and the price is INR 545 to 665.

Ladies and girls have a variety to choose from sleeveless, capris, half sleeves, full sleeves and full legs as well as body suits. There are also hot sorts, cycling sorts, ankle-length tights, and t-shirts as well skating suits, for them. For men, there are t-shirts, swimming trunks and jammers and boys also have the added option of bodysuits and swimming suits.

The fabric used is 82 per cent nylon and 18 per cent elastane and there are a range of colours such as black, grey, blue, reed, wine, etc. Besides, the brand also offers swimming accessories such as ear plug, swimming caps and goggles.

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