The Aftermath of GST and the Great Indian ‘Jugaad’

June 27, 2017 written by
Are you ready for GST_India

The spectre of GST is looming large over us and the trade is getting used to the intricacies involved in it. And the GST is here to stay, the Govt. of the day has made it amply clear with their intentions, actions on the ground and the noises in the media that are emanating from various quarters.

One will get used to the new regime pretty fast and Indians are fast learners and are good at adaptability.  The recent disruption of demonetisation showed us how we Indians can not only adapt by thrive out of a near miserable situation. Hats off to the ingenuity of our people we have shown time and again that resilience thy name is Indians and Jugaad is in the nature of us Indian. So we will find a way in spite of all these hoarse voices, the shrill barrage and sharp criticisms of ill preparedness by the Govt. and private agencies on the roll out programme. But as days go by and we are nearing the ending date of the older regime to retire, things will fall in place, like the chaos before the Big Fat Indian Wedding.

We have paid our dues to adding to the plethora of information floating around in the name of GST, what precisely a small trader/manufacturer out to do who cannot engage the services of a CA to get himself GST complaint. This article is quite simple to understand and doesn’t have any jargons or confusing lexicology and written by a reputed CA himself. So read this article and sort your matter before the GST arrives.


This issue is coming on the cusp of retreating summer and onset of monsoon, but in large parts of India monsoon wouldn’t have arrived till July. So there is still no respite from the bloody summer which has taken quite a toll this year. All the hill stations are jammed so are the beaches and shores and it looks everyone in India is on a holiday, much akin to August when the Mediterranean countries like France, Italy, Spain, Greece celebrate their annual holidays by crowding the beaches.


Since we have even a larger coastline than all the European countries put together, we must also allocate a few days from our national calendar when everything shuts down all factories all offices and people just head to the beach. Would that give tremendous flip to the tourism industry and along with that many allied industries would rise like the RMG, Sports, fitness and what not. It is not wishful thinking but a few people, few companies who can think along these lines can make this happen, may start small, but won’t take time for this idea to go viral. Don’t you think?

So we welcome the season of rains, for it brings along the seeds of prosperity and stability and water is the essence of all living things and we must learn to conserve this precious element. With this thought I bid adios till the next musing! Keep Fit! Keep thinking! And be healthy!

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