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The original, the most iconic and interesting selection from the 2016 Summer Swimwear, Beachwear and Lingerie collection shown on the catwalk at Mode City Paris this July. We present you a view of what’s to come next season with pointers on the key trends.

Look at Me! At the sea, in my BATHING SUIT, with my music, in my new shoes , in little panties!
Diva is timeless and never goes out of fashion. Its glamorous touch elegantly enhances the body
A pandora box, give us glimpse of new icons, draped, pleated, ornate with gold and metallic aspects

The Ultra modern designs reveal shoulders and decolletes. Geometric lines flatter the back, a focus for designers… The Asymmetrical suit is a seasons must have… The Couture Tank-top swimsuit, relooked and revamped, fashion worthy and eye catching!

For the voluptuous woman, cultivating the cult of her body and pleasure Archetype of a modern, combative women, for more active fashion Espousing suggestive, but unostentatious, lingerie Promising hypnotizing silhouettes, in a combination of fabrics and accessories Bejewelled accessories, such as fringe and ribbons and interchangeable lacing that allows women to personalize her lingerie.

The minimalist style, in harmony with nature and products which reflect environmental awareness. The vision of timeless male elegance, chic and self assured, in a range of colours that celebrate nature and summer The foundation make-up inspired palette, with nude tones, for discretely elegant products.

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