Victoria’s Secret indicted for plagiarism

July 15, 2019 written by

The American women’s lingerie brand, Victoria’s Secret has been indicted for copying designs from another high-end brand namely Fleur du Mal. The allegations were first made by Diet Prada, an instagram account run by fashion insiders for shaming brands and celebrities for plagiarising designs.

Diet Prada has released invoice documents from insiders as a proof that clearly shows that the associate buyer at Victoria’s Sercret placed a massive web order worth $12,656 USD from Fleur du Mal.


Fleur du Mal (Left),Victoria’s Secret (Right)

The allegedly copied designs come from Fleur du Mal’s Lily collection featuring bras and panties priced around $48 USD and $148 USD. The dupes of Fleur du Mal’s embroidered and appliquéd Lily bras and panties appeared few days ago on VS’ website and instagram for half the price.

As of now, both the parties have yet to make a statement about the allegations, but Fleur du Mal uploaded the photo of the lingerie in question shortly after Diet Prada shared the post.

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