Forbidden Angels is the new expression by Soie

March 19, 2016 written by
lacenlingerie_495 x 350 - 1


There is a certain allure to the sins that draws you to it. There is a charm, a mystery, a strong temptation and an undeniable force which goes beyond being merely naughty.

A fine line separates the good and the bad – the devil and the angel. Straddling this line is the Soie collection this season.

With their latest collection Forbidden Angels, Soie has managed to push the envelope. To cross over and get dangerously close to impropriety. Risqué and dabbling with the 7 deadly sins! Envy, gluttony, greed, lust, pride, sloth and wrath.

lacenlingerie_495 x 350 - 1

Each of the sins have their own shades- some good, some bad and some particularly evil. Envy is the tie that binds and binds in hordes of exciting ways. The starting price range for the Forbidden Angels starts from – Rs.440/- to Rs.1840/ available in a vast size range for everyone -30B to 40DD.

This new collection has played with bold colors and soft comfortable yet luring fabrics such as cotton, organic cotton, polyamide spandex, lycra, nylon, polyester, and  spandex with  colors-solid, pastels and prints. The styles available-panty pack, bra, panty, nightwear, shapewearand  inners.  The collection is available in all the 6 brand outlets at Maharashtra and Gujarat and



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