IBICI unveils new pantyhose collection using meryl derm and meryl hydrogen

April 19, 2016 written by
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Ibici, the leading Italian hosiery brand known for their path breaking work in the hosiery segment since 1959, has much recently launched a new pantyhose collections prepared with Nylstar’s luxury textile brand yarns – Meryl Derm and Meryl Hydrogen.

The hosiery collection made with Meryl​ Derm is pantyhose Nude 40 Derm and Gold 40 Derm Bikini, which is capable of renewing  the hydration while protecting the skin from free radicals and environmental stressors, according to the manufacturer.

The collection Casual 4 Hydro and Casual 60 Hydro made with Meryl Hydrogen is said to have an especially soft touch and visual appeal owing to its great elasticity.

Meryl Derm

Meryl Derm made of Hyaluronic Acid and gold particles is intended to offer a great level of comfort, for the skin to make it more luminous and uniform. Thanks to its exclusive ingredient, the yarn is also said to provide hydration and increase the collagen production, as well as help the skin maintain its elasticity.

Meryl Derm is designed to help maintain the natural balance of the skin. Meryl Derm is said to maintain its properties even after numerous washings due to its high resistance to the washing cycle, which preserves its effects for a longer duration.

Meryl Hydrogen

Owing to its special production route, Meryl Hydrogen is said to provide wearers with a hydration effect. The product also inhibits the build-up of static electricity, due to its nature moisture, Nylstar reports.

The construction of Meryl Hydrogen microfibers is said to allow the passage of air and moisture, resulting in a highly breathable fabric. The yarn also boasts inherent stretch and recovery for greater wearer’s comfort.

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