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Firstly, congratulations on the new addition to you family! Pregnancy is a wonderful time, but we know it can also get uncomfortable. To make it a little better, we give you a selection of maternity wear to add to your wardrobe.


A wide range of designs spanning over different categories will help you discover your innate sense of style and glam up your pregnancy.

Finding comfortable maternity dresses with oomph is a bit of a challenge, but with the right

fabrics and great designing, you can definitely get what you want. The challenge is finding

the right fit for you while not spending an obscene amount of money. So, we give you five ways you can style up and not break your bank.


Empire Waistlines

Empire waistlines are a classic. You cannot go wrong with them. They accentuate the baby bump and you can flaunt it in style. Pair up a chic tunic with a belt placed high on the waist,

and you create a whole new look for yourself. Check out our collection of empire waistline maternity dresses.



No, we don’t mean a pair of worn-in jeans. Denim dresses and tunics create an exciting feeling. It brings back memories of our childhood. Find a denim top or dress that fits you and you’re ready to conquer motherhood. Denims also have a unique way of flaunting baby bumps. Find your fit, today.

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Maxi Dresses

Full-length dresses are comfortable. Period. A good maxi dress made from comfortable fabric works wonders for moms-to-be. It flaunts your baby bump while giving you a stylish look. You can find your style with a funky print or you can pair up a sleeveless maxi dress with a tee for a classy look.


Prints and Polkas

It’s natural for different people to have different tastes. Some like prints, some prefer a retro look with polka dots, while others like a simple, plain design. A polka-dotted tunic or dress gives a chic and homely feel. Our wide range of printed maternity wear will help you build a solid maternity wardrobe. Ranging from elegant designs to funky prints, our collection is bound to have you picking out your favourites. Go for horizontals or pick a cute vertical print

from our collection.



Scarves are classy, elegant and chic and go with almost every form of clothing. Team it up with a tunic or pick a polka or print to go with your maxi dress. You just can’t go wrong. If you’re planning to don a printed kurta, team it up with a simple, contrasting scarf and watch

how it works wonders.

Our range of maternity wear combines the best styles with most comfortable of fabrics to give you a great collection and not compromise on comfort. Browse through a multitude of designs in different categories and discover your style. Our maternity dresses are a great

way to flaunt your baby bump as you revel in comfort and style. Be elegant. Be chic. Be you

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