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In an exclusive interview with Salon de la Lingerie, Wacoal and Lolo Paris share their expertise when it comes to selecting the ultimate bra for comfort.

Lolo Paris co-founder Océane Brière placed size above all as the key ingredient. The lingerie house uses a pioneering method for determining a woman’s breast size – using six measurements rather than the traditional four. These include the distance between the start of the breast and the nipple, plus the distance between each nipple.

“Many women are not comfortable in their bra because they are not wearing the right size,” she explains. “It can be difficult. They sometimes stick to the size they bought when they were young but the body evolves over time, particularly after pregnancy or a change in weight.

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“Developing the best bra sizes is very important for our brand. It has to be tested on many women. In our case, we have 63 sizes and we cover a lot of different shapes.”

For developing a new bra, Lolo Paris works on many prototypes of different sizes which are always based on several women to ensure it is convenient and comfortable for all.

“Finding the correct size is really how we differentiate ourselves with our brand. We really want to support women to find the correct size,” Océane said.

Customers can even take a questionnaire on the company’s website and answer questions about their current bra to help experts suggest the best alternative moving forward.
“Then we can understand what may be causing them discomfort from their current bra,” she said.

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Lingerie boutique Wacoal told how it has recently become aware of comfort becoming a key factor for its consumers.

For its new AW23 range, the brand has launched a super stretchy lightweight fabric with minimal seams.

“The bonded waist and leg edges are really flat and smooth so reduces any bulkiness that we might get with a traditional elastic edge,” a spokesperson said.

“This bonded technology is quite new for us. It also means there are no threads on the bonded seams which can also cause irritation.”

The AW23 brand has expanded further, with an added foam moulded bra to provide customers with an easy to wear everyday bra that would match back to the seasonal collection.

A spokesperson added: “When designing a comfortable bra, there are many important factors to consider. We look towards our tried and tested bra silhouettes and wires for the base of any new development.

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“These are the foundation of our brand, based on our history, knowledge and expertise. Alongside this, we source fabrics and components that offer superior comfort and support. This can be the softness against the skin, the stretch properties, recovery performance and durability.

“We are also always looking at the latest technology and innovations to keep driving our products forward. For example our Ines Secret UW moulded non-padded bra features an innovative bonded sling within the moulded cup for support and gentle shaping. The cup remains lightweight and seamless for ultimate all-day comfort.”

Other lingerie brands tackling comfort head on at present include Organic Basics, Pact, and The Very Good Bra. Organic Basics are known for their triangle and bralette products, made from organic and ethically sourced cotton. Also made with organic cotton from a fair trade factory, Pact provides a wide range of bra shapes from double scoop longline bras to the classic T-shirt bra. While the multi-award winning Very Good Bra company boasts 100% plastic-free bras, briefs and sleepwear made in beautiful organic cotton or tencel with no synthetics.

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