A story of Lively that outgrew under the shadow of Victoria Secret

February 4, 2023 written by
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A inspiring story of an entrepreneur who painstakingly carved a brand from the shadow of VS. Without saying much a must read article for every entrepreneur and brand builder.
Almost an overnight success story, Michelle Cordeiro Grant founded her direct-to-consumer intimates brand Lively in 2015. A veteran of Victoria’s Secret, which built its global megabrand on the pillars of exclusion, unattainable beauty standards and a male gaze fantasy, she set about doing things differently. Her product celebrated comfort, community and inclusivity.

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As the fortunes of Victoria’s Secret plummeted and the image of its “angel” fell into irrelevancy, Lively grew and grew. In 2019 Cordeiro Grant sold Lively to Japanese lingerie company Wacoal for 105 million dollars.
“I started Lively because I saw a need for a brand that embraced human uniqueness at its core, had products that conformed to our bodies rather than the other way around, and utilized social media to connect directly with customers,” Cordero Grant informed.

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In contrast to the gem-encrusted, underwired and pushed up VS variety of lingerie, she created a new category called leisurée, a blend of lingerie and athleisure, designed to empower women to feel purposeful and confident in their everyday lives without compromising on function or fashion.


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