Acabada, the world’s first and only CBD infused activewear brand

September 19, 2019 written by
Acabada Launches As The World's First and Only CBD Infused Activewear Brand

The first and foremost CBD infused active wear has been recently launched and its called Acabada ProActiveWear. The brand infuses luxury fabric with the highest quality organic CBD that soothes your sore muscles and joints while working out. The fabric treatment for making CBD-infused textiles was developed by Devan Chemicals, a Belgian company specialised in functional finishes for the worldwide textile markets.

The CBD molecules are infused into luxe, high performance fabric through a process called microencapsulation by wrapping droplets of zero-THC, hemp derived CBD with a protective coating. With a finishing treatment, the microcapsules are bonded to the fibres of the fabric. As the fabric meets with friction from the wearer’s skin, the microcapsules infused will break open and will trans-dermally be absorbed by the skin, which will reduce pain and inflammation caused by physical activities.

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Acabada ProActiveWear first line includes high performance sports bras, tops, leggings, shorts, jackets and bodysuits that can be worn day and night. These CBD infused garments are constructed from sustainable, luxe fabrics in both high shine and matte finishes with different colours such as black, white and gunmetal grey.

Each garment from Acabada ProActiveWear contains up to 25 grams of zero-THC, lab-certified, 99.9 per cent pure CBD, which will allow the benefits to last through 40 high-intensity wear and wash cycles. The garments can also be recycled through Acabada’s upcycling program where the recycled synthetic fabrics will be re-purposed for another use.

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