Actress Kangana Ranaut says “the woman’s bra is not a danger to the society!”

June 11, 2016 written by
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“This parental attitude towards the audience by the Censor Board is not acceptable,” told an agitated Kangana during a recent award ceremony in Delhi. The actress better known for her screen avatar, Queen is a favourite with the audience too. She has always spoken loud and clear be it for the controversies surrounding her or be it the ongoing societal troubles.

So when she was asked about the present Udta Punjab row, she supported the team in the fight against the Censor Board. In fact she like the majority from the acting fraternity was not surprised with Nehlani’s dictatorship, instead Kangana revealed that the scissors of CBFC had worked even on her award-winning film Queen. Yes! Kangana we want to hear it!

” This (the Udta Punjab row) reminds me of a particular incident in my movie Queen. There is a scene where my bra is on the bed… One day my director called me and said that censor board asked to blur it. We had put a lot of work on that bra. It was flown abroad all the way from Lajpat Nagar. So, we were shocked. Why do we see it as a danger to society? A woman’s bra is not a danger to society,” spoke the actress.

Indeed the bra is not a danger, rather an everyday necessity that should be respected and pulled out of the shame wardrobe, rather than hooking it to the entire idea of taboo. Hope lingerie is no more bullied and instead more voices rise up to save this undercover garment from its shameful existence.

Kudos Kangana for bring out the bra topic!







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