Antimicrobial textile green technology with no harmful residue

April 20, 2016 written by
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Quick-Med Technologies, a publicly-traded life sciences company based in Florida focused on developing technologies for infection prevention and control for the healthcare and consumer markets. Has recently developed an antimicrobial technology for textiles using hydrogen peroxide. This technology is not only cost effective but highly durable too. Proven in medical wound care this anti microbial technology is consumer-friendly with laundry detergent too and that degrades into nothing more harmful than water and oxygen.

The wide-spread use of such a technology could go a long way in reducing our global water crisis, according to Quick-Med Technologies, Inc. Hydrogen peroxide has been proven to not only reduce the risk of infection dramatically, but to control microbe-driven odour and staining on textiles. This anti microbial technology has been christened as Oxi Fresh™, in essence, a consumer-facing rebranding of the company’s Stay-Fresh® technology: hydrogen peroxide bleach that is permanently bound to textiles for consumer use. Oxi Fresh™ has been validated to retain efficacy for up to 75 launderings at 105˚ F, with full kill on medical grade bacteria, virus, fungi and mould.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in the US has registered the Oxi Fresh™ technology for use in a wide range of consumer textile products. Quick-Med has successfully licensed their antimicrobial technologies to various consumer and medical textile producers, such as Doris Hosiery, Polartec LLC, Sarasota Medical Products, and Medline. With the rebranding of Stay-Fresh® as Oxi Fresh™, Lerner is looking to take the product to the next level. The finished products stay fresher and cleaner, for longer, as the technology contains an inherent preservative that reduces inventory spoilage due to mould or humidity during transportation and storage.

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