Bandelettes’ new anti-chafing thigh bands are a blessing in disguise

August 14, 2019 written by
Bandelettes' new anti-chafing -

Bandelettes’ new anti chaffing thigh bands are a sassy solution for women of all shapes and sizes. These high bands prevent skin-to-skin rubbing, accessorise legs and promote comfort and confidence.

The brand will be showcasing its collection at CURVE New York this year.

The brand’s target customers are mainly women between the age group of 18-65 who have a ‘no thigh gap’ body structure. They also oblige to male customers providing additional comfort to those who indulge in sports or gymming.

They offer a range of choices starting from pants size 2 to 22-24 in both lace and plain fabric styles. The product is new in the market and the brand claims that the interest from customers, store owners and media is growing every year.


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