Birla Cellulose produces viscose fibre out of industrial cotton waste

November 29, 2019 written by
Birla Cellulose produces viscose fibre out of industrial cotton waste

The leading manufacturer of Man-Made Cellulose Fibre (MMCF), Birla Cellulose has now come up with a new viscose fibre, which is made using pre-consumer cotton fabric waste.

This new innovative fibre has been developed through in-house R&D and it utilises minimum 20 per cent of pre-consumer industrial fabric waste. It also offers excellent textile features. The company assures that they will be further developing products made with more than 50 per cent industrial fabric waste as well as post-consumer clothing in 2020.

According to Dilip Gaur, Business Director of Pulp and Fibre Business Aditya Birla Group, launching of recycled viscose fibre is a part of their commitment for circularity and sustainable practices. “We are also working on developing fibres using post-consumer clothing as inputs in collaboration with technology providers and brands,” adds Gaur.

Keeping in mind the current environmental situation, the company also promises to further develop and intensify their portfolio towards green textile solutions in future.

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