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June 20, 2022 written by

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Bitz, the brand that crafts its products out of organic cotton fabric offers a wide variety of products for women and children.

Covering a huge market in South India, innerwear brand Bitz India has managed to capture millions of hearts across the country with its amazing product qualities. This season the brand has launched a BITZ BASICS. The brand’s main focus is on sustainable clothing and so all its products are made from 100 per cent organic cotton, certified by Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS). Now they have trained their eyes on making the products affordable as well.



We caught up
Mr BalaSubramaniam the Business Head of the company to shed light on the newest launch in the company.

LnL: What prompted the launch of Bitz Basics?
The huge market size and ever-growing demands will eventually augment higher turnover for the company and there is still space for BITZ to penetrate this mass segment as we are a vertically integrated company starting with yarn manufacturing to finished fabric, already with our foothold in the mid-premium segment by our quality products in Men’s, Women’s & Kids segment has high recall value & regular demand for certain products among consumers.

The quality we offer is highly appreciable by trade and our valued customers, which made us to enter the mass market segment without compromising the quality and provide affordable innerwear.

LnL: You are doing Men’s and women’s basic underwear in this? Can you elaborate on the fabrics used? The cuts and any other salient features?
Yes, we are doing both Men’s and Women’s undergarments in this Basics range. We are using single jersey cotton fabric (Fine Fabric) with superior’ Red Label’ yarn used for the fabric construction.

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As most of the competitor brands use only Violet label yarn, we use Red label superior yarn for a much better feel and quality. Also, we have plans to use interlock and rib fabrics for certain products in the future.

LnL: What is the price range of various items?
Our Basics range starts from MRP Rs.100 onwards for Men’s products and Women’s product range starts from MRP Rs.75 onwards..

LnL: How are you planning to roll this out?
We are planning to roll out by building a strong distribution network in Pan India by appointing Agents in every state and a strong field force to build a strong and wider business base in a phased manner

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LnL: Any particular focus on the packaging?
We plan to attract the popular segment with a premium Packaging look.

LnL: Do you plan to add Children’s underwear also as you go along?
As of now, our main focus is on Men’s & Women’s segments only. Going forward we may add Kid’s segment with few products.

LnL: Are you planning to add more items to this collection?
Yes, we will add more styles in both Men’s and Women’s collections. Starting with this launch we have 12 styles in the product basket for this season and followed by many more styles in the pipeline.

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