Breaking Down A Boudoir Photo Shoot

July 15, 2017 written by

Boudoir photography is becoming more and more popular. Since it is our journalistic duty as magazine editors to sometimes guinea-pig ourselves in strangely intimate ways and report back to you, our dear readers, on the grisly details, that is what we are going to do. Recently we had a lingerie photo shoot in our beautiful city Mumbai.

The first thing we will tell you is that the studio was nice and cool. We called in for different designs and styles from many reputed Indian lingerie brands and  storyboarded the entire process. We looked for the ideal location and set-up an indoor- shoot at a studio which took playing during daylight. The proportions and lighting that would be needed were discussed and set up. We hired a Polish model who carried out the right aesthetics we were looking for in our shoot. We had our very own hairstylist who was great because she can take care of the models makeup and hair styling. We organised accessories and outerwear which matched the models sizing to be paired with the chosen lingerie styles adding a little more charm and appeal.

Note: Understanding your client’s brand (and having them feel that you understand) builds trust and will help you make decisions with your clients throughout the project.

The key here is to envelop yourself into their brand. You want to understand their customers, their story, messaging, their specific brand personality and how they want to be remembered.

Everything looks better with great lighting. The lights were perfectly set-up causing it to cast a beautiful warmly lit glow on the model and added objects. We added a more organic feel by adding some flowers and plants which softened the feel images and made the whole scene seem more inviting.

We were prepared to capture our images and could adjust the lights if needed. The reflectors were a great tool to soften the light and create even tones. photo shoot can sometimes be a chaotic environment. Technology has made it much easier to get results of each shot you take – instantly – on the LCD screen on the back of your camera, however, can you really rely on such a small screen to review every detail of the image? Yes, you can zoom in and scroll around, however, that takes time – and time is money. Luckily, there is an easy solution! Shooting “tethered” can help you review details of each image in full resolution without the need for stalling to zoom and scroll to check an image for issues. Hence a computer was set up so that the director and photographer could view the pictures being captured live. By connecting your digital camera to a computer or monitor–a process called tethering–you can easily share the camera’s live view with others, and even control a photo shoot from a laptop using a photo editing application such as Lightroom. Playing music during a Photoshoot makes the whole experience for you and the model or client easier, fun and exciting. Music can help you get in a more creative mindset and it can help you steer your subjects into the mood you are looking to bring out in your photos.

In between these takes the photographer had the camera in hand and stayed sociable at all times. With limited time available for shooting, efficiency – and therefore, careful planning – was crucial.  We caught quite a few posed up and candid shots as you can see in the pictures shown. We dressed the model in matching lingerie sets for an everyday comfort and look which looked brilliant and a few beautiful mismatched fancy pieces and sets to show the versatility and wild side! Let’s take a roll through the products.



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