Busi giovanni ready to add a hint of innovation to its twin layer single cylinder sock machine

April 21, 2016 written by
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Busi Giovanni, recognized the world over as one of the most inventive producer of machines for high-performance and high-tech socks is currently introducing a larger diameter for the company’s Twin Layer model, which will, therefore, become available with a 4.5″ cylinder and a needle count of up to 168.

The new machine will be capable of knitting wider technical and sport socks, but still with the same double-layer feature that makes this machine so unique, the company reports. Busi presently sells in more than 50 countries around the world (90% export) through a network of partners that provide distribution and service.

About the machine

Busi’s new model Twin Layer had been granted the European patent last year, due to its distinctive technology. The machine is provided with a patented device that uses the dial needle for the production of an internal layer and the cylinder needles for the production of the external layer. The two fabrics that form the sock are knitted contemporarily and can be joined at whish, they merge in one only fabric at the welt at the heel and at the toe of the sock. This way the two fabrics cannot slide one onto the other.

The machine is provided with a device for the selected terry, which is designed to enable the machine knitting the sandwich terry and the normal terry even in the same sock without any mechanical change. It also enables the fully automatic switching from plain stitch to half terry and to full terry.


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