Carvico, Jersey Lomelina and Aquafil celebrates World Oceans Day promoting sustainable fashion with Healthy Seas

June 9, 2020 written by

Over the past few months, COVID-19 pandemic has caused a serious crisis in the eco-system which was already suffering due to undeniable climate changes.

The World Oceans Day on June 8 has been established by the ONU to raise public awareness concerning marine pollution.  Among the few companies that are operating at the forefront for safeguarding our oceans, are three Italian protagonists: Carvico, Jersey Lomellina and Aquafil. These firms have been working for years to promote a more sustainable fashion industry with new innovation in their respective sectors by paying great attention to sustainability.

In order to translate their respect for the environment into concrete actions aimed at improving the conditions of our planet, in 2011, Aquafil created ECONYL®, a 100% regenerated polyamide yarn from pre and post consumer waste materials, such as ghost fishing nets recovered from the sea bottom.

Carvico and Jersey Lomellina’s commitment has led the companies to make several virtuous and brave choices and to offer their customers a wide selection of eco-sustainable products made of recycled raw materials.

In 2013, Carvico together with Jersey Lomellina, signed an exclusivity agreement for the use of ECONYL® for the creation of fabrics for swimwear. Also, to reconfirm their willingness to support sustainability, in 2013, Aquafil founded Healthy Seas – a Journey from waste to wear, an environmentalist initiative aimed at cleaning our seas and oceans from ghost fishing nets entangled into wrecks or abandoned at the sea bottom. Carvico and Jersey Lomellina also joined the initiative supporting the effort towards clean oceans.


Healthy Seas also helps collecting materials which are then regenerated by Aquafil (ghost fishing nets) and turned into ECONYL®. Such fishing nets are collected by volunteering divers collaborating with HS, which are then added to bigger quantities of other types of waste materials derived from aquaculture plants, old carpets, old fabrics etc, all made of polyamide 6.

Today, Healthy Seas consists of 170 volunteering divers, 620 fishermen and over 500 tons of ghost fishing nets collected since 2013.

Giulio Bonazzi, CEO, Aquafil says, “I am really proud of the fact that our company was one of the founders of this unique initiative. Since2013, Healthy Seas has been growing steadily and has created an amazing network of partners and people who have joined forces to promote the sustainability of the marine eco-system. Through Healthy Seas, we have been trying to reduce the quantity of ghost fishing nets discarded by fishermen so that, instead of being disposed of in a landfill, they can be regenerated in our plant together with other nylon waste and then turned into ECONYL®, a truly sustainable solution for the fashion industry “.

According to Stefano Eretti, General Manager, Carvico, the reason why Carvico decided to support Healthy Seas, is their willingness to stand by an important partner with which they can share one of their most appreciated missions. “Working to create a more sustainable fashion industry is fundamental, and fabrics producers like us play a crucial role in the process. In a world in which water is a precious resource, we need to focus on developing new fabrics which can be even more respectful of the environment, and especially, of our seas. We are glad we can share such goal with Aquafil, also thanks to the help of Healthy Seas”, added Eretti.


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