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jack n jones celebrating 10 years in the bussiness

Bestseller’s high street fashion label – Jack & Jones is celebrating a special one and marking their 10 year anniversary path-breaking years of fashion in India. JACK & JONES is a European high street fashion brand which has had over 10 years of presence in India with a footprint across more than 60 cities in the country. The brand is known for its on-point trends with a strong offering in the ‘jeans’ category. Within a span of few years, the brand has established an indelible brand recall amongst the fashion-conscious youth. The brand has 64 stores and 404 SIS in the country. JACK & JONES is riding high on a strong legacy of craftsmanship, unmatched quality and exemplary style. With humble beginnings that are dated back to 1990, the brand today holds an inimitable position in the sphere of trend inspired fashion.

Speaking on the occasion, Vineet Gautam, CEO,  Bestseller India,  Jack & Jones.

If you had to describe Jack & Jones’ aesthetic in one sentence, how would you describe it?

V.G: “Over the past few years, JACK & JONES through its marketing activities has built a perception of being a disruptive, rebellious & edgy brand. With our “Don’t Hold Back” marketing campaign, the brand communicates call to action towards shunning all inhibitions and following one’s gut irrespective of what the world says or its obvious consequences. This campaign perfectly defines the brand aesthetics while also resonating the way of life of today’s youth. The products that the brand offers also allows consumers to incorporate this attitude in their daily life.”

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In a plethora of brands for the discerning and contemporary Indian man, where does Jack & Jones stand and how do you plan to remain as a brand to reckon with?

V.G: “The brand consistently works towards to understanding the ever-evolving needs and preferences of its consumers. The JACK & JONES brand loyalist is one who sets his own rules; he is an individual who has no inhibitions, and this also strongly reflects in his fashion choices as well. To ensure relevance of our products in terms of trends we are continuously working to improve our response time to the market. With new brands coming to India, we are continuously exploring new markets to achieve constant and consistent growth.”

How has the fashion business changed in the past 10 years?  How do you think the DNA of the brand has changed over the years and what has stayed the same?

V.G: “Customers today are exposed to trends that have a global appeal on a day-to-day basis. Due to this, they are well-informed, and cautious about the decisions they make and the brands that they choose to associate with. JACK & JONES is a democratic jeans brand that provides wardrobe choices for fashion conscious men to create their own personal style. Jeans continue to be the backbone of JACK & JONES’ business. We continue to have an elevated level of expertise when it comes to the craftsmanship, quality and design of jeans. JACK & JONES is defined and represented by four unique brands: JACK & JONES VINTAGE CLOTHING, PREMIUM by JACK & JONES, ORIGINALS by JACK & JONES and CORE by JACK & JONES. The brands are designed by independent design teams, each one of them with their own ideas, concepts and designs. They all offer a full range of clothes, accessories, footwear and innerwear for every man and every occasion.”

How has the brand evolved in the past 8 years in your role as CEO, especially with the rise in online shopping and social media? (Have there been a lot of unexpected changes or influences?)

V.G: “E-commerce is the biggest platform that helps a brand connect with its customers across the country. This platform allows brands to be omnipresent, increases customer accessibility and helps brands remain relevant in the retail space as well. Every retail brand has realized over time that this industry cannot be dependent on just one channel. Brands across all platforms in India have started focusing on incorporating technology into in-store and online experiences and are making a headway in the right direction.”

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Do tell us about what the brand aims for now since its entry in the Indian market back in 2010? What has changed over the years and how? 

V.G: “Owing to the influx of fashion labels available in the market (both, local and global), consumers today have various parameters that influence their fashion needs and decisions. These may vary from value for money, trending styles, accessibility, and fashion that is sustainable. Among these demands, sustainable fashion is fast becoming a globally recognized need. Hence, brands are looking at educating the customer about materials, products and manufacturing techniques that make the final product. A decade or two ago, brands would invest in manufacturing higher quantity of products within a category, however, with fast changing trends it has now become necessary to provide the consumer more options within a category.”

What do you identify as the major signatures of the house?

V.G: “Denim remains at the heart of JACK & JONES and is reflected across all product categories and designs.”

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Do you feel that the India consumer has evolved with time and is fast evolving? Does the brand have to make changes in style as well as marketing strategies according to the changing buyer?

V.G: “The Indian consumer has evolved with time and western wear has increasingly become an essential part of every millennial man’s wardrobe. With the influx of global high-street brands into the country, consumers today consistently have a variety of options to choose from. This exposure has significantly contributed to the brand evolving in a market like India. JACK & JONES is an Ultra-modern, edgy, rebellious and an iconic youth contemporary fashion brand. It’s always been the choice of the modern, confident man of today.

The brand introduces new styles every single week, giving loyalists and consumers plenty of options to choose from. Fashion at JACK & JONES can be distinguished from other western wear fashion brands in the markets because of the attention to detail, versatile fabrics, perfect cuts, eloquent prints that are tailored to cater to the tastes, physicality and preferences of Indian consumers.”

Would you be launching a limited-edition collection in conjunction with the 10th anniversary of the brand?

V.G: “The 10th Anniversary celebration for the brand was indeed a very special one, we had the opportunity to showcase the entire AW’18 collection with the help of our Brand Ambassador Ranveer Singh. While there won’t be a special collection celebrating the anniversary, with every season our aim is to introduce a fun and high on fashion collection that we know our audience will enjoy.”

What message do you hope to deliver with the ten-year anniversary of the brand?

V.G: “The occasion was an extremely special one as it marked a momentous decade of JACK & JONES, in India. We would love to thank our partners and consumers for their constant support that has allowed us to further diversify our portfolio with premium menswear fashion by SELECTED HOMME, plus size offerings by JUNAROSE and effortlessly casual styles for men by ONLY & SONS. This journey has been an extraordinary one for us and cannot wait for the incredible years that lie ahead.”

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Given how swiftly the fashion industry is changing and how much it has changed in the last five years, do you think that the Jack & Jones has responded well?

V.G: “Being an international brand, JACK & JONES provides fashion that is inspired by global and pop culture trends, providing consumers only the best. With brands increasingly being present both online and offline, there has been a significant increase in demand. Consumers can easily view and compare products and prices thereby increasing competition amongst brands. It is our aim to always reach the fashion-conscious consumer of today and hence the brand is widely available to its consumers across India as well as on key e-commerce portals. We have over 370 locations in India across various formats. ”

Can you give us any hints on new products that you’re working on right now?

V.G: “The Autumn Winter 18 collection boasts of the edgy, rebellious yet trend setting fashion pieces that are a must for any fashion forward millennials wardrobe. JACK & JONES is a brand that celebrates denim as its core proposition. The brand has a myriad of acid and enzyme wash treatments and laser technology. We have also introduced earth tints with extensive mud wash that satiates the rising need of ruggedness. Adding to this, we have also introduced single seam denims that are easy to wear at all times. In the UG category, JACK & JONES ensures constant innovation through new and improved styles and bold colours while also expanding the range of innerwear offerings. The Innerwear segment is all about style and comfort. In terms of trends, varied prints are big. The segment has moved away from the quintessential blues, white and blacks and has made space for brighter colours like reds, green, yellow, etc. In addition to prints and colours, other over riding trends in the market are innovative fabrics and some cutting-edge designs. While cotton and cotton blends remain the most preferred and consumed fabric for innerwear, other popular fabrics are modal, spandex, nylon, polyester, etc.”

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