CIFRA’s eco-friendly measures with Green Attitude project

June 17, 2019 written by
CIFRA's eco-friendly measures with Green Attitude project

One of the most important aspects in their entire production chain, CIFRA has always stressed upon the theme of sustainability. While the Zero Waste commitment is on one side, wherein all the yarn is transformed into a product and the packaging waste is around 15-30 per cent with traditional fabric, the Green Attitude project is all about sustainable and regenerated yarns. Amidst the wide range of offerings, there are a variety of solutions that have been developed in this area.

True sustainability cannot exist without traceability; hence, for a fully controlled supply chain, CIFRA, has recently introduced Panthera’s ERP system to guarantee full product traceability. CIFRA is also a certified Oeko-Tex Standard 100 class II.

The new offering has green issues as its core, which has again reiterated an end-to-end propensity for safeguarding the planet. Thus, it is also a complete and across-the-board offering. For CIFRA, it will be present always as long as innovation is responsible.

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