Coconut waste used to create vegan wool

June 17, 2019 written by

Coconuts are not only a staple in the kitchen but can also be and integral part of the wardrobe with innovations in wool that assure kindness to animals and the environment. New and innovative vegan alternatives are springing up as awareness about cruelty behind wool production is increasing among people. So, many people are looking into sustainable resources to create materials that are eco-friendly and kind to the animal kingdom as well.

Millions of trees are chopped off each year to create fabric, which is not ideal in terms of the environmental impact. Though, this option has been adopted by Rayon since long in an effort for an animal-free wool alternative.

Material innovation company Nanolloose (Australia) has created a wool-like material made from coconuts, to spare both sheep and trees. The versatility of the coconut has made it a long-standing favourite vegan option as there’s coconut milk, coconut oil, coconut cream, and many more uses including for beauty as well. However, now the humble fruit has also made its way into our wardrobes.

Nullabor, which is the material, takes only 18 days to be created and needs hardly any land, water and energy. Liquid coconut waste from the food industry is naturally fermented to turn it into cellulose with the help of bacteria, which is also the building block for the final product.

Alfie Germano, Managing Director, Nanollose said that they have successfully taken wastes and created clothing and they have followed the industrial protocol while doing this. The fibre was spun into yarn and made into fabric, later getting manufactured into the garment using the existing equipment, thus validating their entire process, he added.

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