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crusoe for the adventure

Brand Crusoe is all about adventure.

It believes that inside every man there is an adventurous streak and clothes do the fine job of effectively hiding it from the world. But when you are in your bare essentials, all Crusoe wants you to know is that its equipped with this niche proposition.

The brand’s vision is to create a distinct and enviable position for Crusoe in the premium men’s innerwear category.

Reviewing the store Crusoe’s brand imagery of being adventurous was taken as the ‘essence’ and funnelled in the design of retail elements inside the store. The store design revolves around being adventurous. The present retail scene forms clutter even in a mall and to stand out from this clutter, it was necessary for Crusoe to break the ‘Convention codes’. The store concept derives its form from the ‘Wave’ and façade being the first start point of the store, as customer interface was given a form of ‘Surf Wave’. Fixtures, furniture, ceiling, lighting, shelving, cash counter, window display, etc., all are derived from elements of ‘adventure sports’ and are showcased accordingly. For example, skateboards form shelves for merchandise and kayaks form lighting in ceiling. All graphics and imagery project the brand attitude ‘of being adventurous’ and reinforces the brand promise and communication.


This 1,800 sq ft flagship store was launched in 2010 and is situated at  Brookefields, Coimbatore. Coimbatore this big business and junction city, Tamil Nadu’s second largest, often known as the Manchester of India for its textile industry.

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Crusoe exclusive brand store has received four awards in the 7th edition of In-store Asia’s VMRD award ceremony held in 2012 at New Delhi. They had won two gold trophies for the ‘Best Store Design’ and ‘Best Store Font’ and two merit award for ‘Best Lighting Design’ and ‘Best Fixture Design’.


The store interiors are based on male traits as the design concept of this top fashion men’s underwear brand shop. They endeavoured to inject humanity into interior architecture, searched for modern and abstract styles, and used deep charcoal grey and black as focus points.


A variety of deep charcoal grey and stainless steel materials and the geometric form are used to bring out the steady and virile side of men, along with mannequins showcasing the innerwear products with tall and strong images. Gritty texture covers the flooring with glossy accented panelling. The window display shows a timeline series of a surfer shredding the waves in different stances on a Crusoe surfboard. It is a perfect combination of abstract and modern and demonstrating that men love to gain pleasure over control, demonstrate power and self confidence. The small screens demonstrate the latest brand fashion show, exhibiting the season’s most fashionable products for customers.

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The more complex the product, the more likely the need for customer assistance. There are four shop floor staff members operating the store and who are available to help you with any queries or advice on the most suitable products for your needs. The company integrates a highly adaptable and efficient workplace for its staff members with an environment that reinforces its authentic brand. Each member wears a black uniform, a t-shirt logo and denims. They stock the shelves ensuring that the products are available for customers.


One of the most integral elements in apparel retail is the touch, feel and trail of products. There is one trial room, which gives the customer the convenience to sit down and try different clothing items with effective lighting, which offers the day and night effect wherein customers can view themselves in the product. All the products are neatly packaged and boxed up on shelves. The interiors display soft lighting on to the products; aligning the walls are half mannequins displaying the vests available by Crusoe.


Men: The following products are available in the men’s section. Categories – base, nxt, xtreme, xtreme comfort, and surge.

Styles – briefs, thermal wear range, trunks, boxers and shorts, vests, track pants, t-shirts, and vests. This range is priced at INR 199 to 499. Value packs for men’s underwear are priced at INR 330 to INR 698.

Women: The following products are available in the women’s section. Styles – Panties and sports bras that are priced at INR 299 to 300 and above. Activewear – Track pants, round neck t-shirts, V-neck t-shirts, camisoles, sports bras, racer back tank tops,  shorts, hot shorts, capris, and leggings. The products are priced between INR 175 to INR 549.

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There is one check-out counter to accept payment from customers. Check-out staff process cash payments as well as debit or credit card transactions. They will help you pack your products depending on the type of purchase.

Jagannath Textile Company Limited launched ‘Crusoe’ in the year 2009 and extended its presence pan India in a very short span of time. Crusoe is the first leading Indian premium inner wear and active wear brand.

Currently, Crusoe has the following stores

More exclusive stores

n Rajarhat, Kolkata

(Area: 600 sq ft)

n M.G. Road, Cochin

(Area: 1,033 sq ft )


n Ambalathadiyarmadam Street, Pondicherry (Area: 650 sq ft)

n Sobha City Mall, Thrissur

(Area: 490 sq ft)


n R.S. Puram, Coimbatore

( Area: 1,025 sq ft )


n Perundurai Road, Erode

(Area: 660 sq ft)

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