Danielle Brooks says fashion labels make plus-size women feel like a ”minority”

November 13, 2017 written by

The 28-year- old Orange is the New Black star, who models in lingerie as part of Lane Bryant’s
ImNoAngel campaign, opened up about what fashion means to her, the way it’s affected her body
image, and how she’s learned to be fearless about showing herself in every way.
The Tony Award nominee shared that she wasn’t always into fashion, as she didn’t see herself
reflected in the industry, finding it hard to shop as a teenager because she could never find clothes
that fit her the way she wanted them to.

Although the actress recalled getting into fashion after moving to New York and seeing how everyone expressed their own style no matter their height or weight, she revealed she still struggles
finding the right gowns for red carpets. That’s why, she said, movements like the ImNoAngel
campaign, which put curvy women on billboards and commercials, are so important.

She believes they are here and they deserve to be designed for. They deserve to spend their money
on expensive stuff [if they want], adding that seeing herself modeling lingerie on a billboard makes
her feel & ”the way Victoria’s Secret models feel

When asked if she felt brave exposing her body, she answered that she did, but not for the reason
people may expect.

According to Danielle, she doesn’t deal with many body shamers online, but the occasional racist
troll does show up in her mentions, calling her nasty names like ‘Dark Monkey’ but she has learned
to not get upset over what a faceless online account has to say.

The new ImNoAngel ad featuring Danielle and fellow plus-sized stars Ashley Graham, Candice
Huffine and Denise Bidot and it shows the stunning underwear-clad women opening up about their
insecurities and sharing their ‘truth, confessing that they have flaws like cellulite.

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