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Red sexy intimate wear for women by rozerra.com

Rozerra online lingerie store is all about timeless class with a mesmerising touch in proposing fabulous lines of lingerie for all curvaceous women and men. It’s was established in 2013 by an entrepreneur who dreamt of making all women and men extremely comfortable.


Rozerra provides affordable  and flirtatious luxury for women and men throughout India with the creation of sensual, and urbane intimates. Each piece in the collection highlights the exceptional quality, sensual design and unsurpassed attention to detail that have established their unmatched reputation.


Their style inspires discerning women to embrace their unique sense of self with complete assurance and a flair for playfulness to dress up their intimate drawer with rozerra.com.


In conversation with Mr Manish Mukim (Founder & CEO) of Rozerra.com


You have been in the digital space since 2015. Do share with us some memories about Rozerra.com‘s journey so far?

Manish Mukim:  It’s been a roller-coaster ride for us, but an enjoyable one. It took us lots of efforts to convince people to work with us; especially in Kolkata, it was as if we were talking about something blasphemous…and then to convince the vendors, who said or still say that ‘we are doing it with so and so why should we do any business with you’, slowly they too saw sparks in us and started supporting us.

What objectives were kept in mind while launching Rozerra.com? Do tell us how you’ve achieved them?

MM: In today’s economic scenario start-ups are usually associated with MBAs, IITians or Millennials. Our objective comes into force after a few bitter personal experiences, which made us feel that there is a huge need or gap in this segment, which has not been addressed properly. Along with that, the growing number of independent women and men and also the increased use of smart phones, easy connectivity and availability of the internet, led us to give shape to Rozerra. Also, we have a 25-year hands-on ground level experience of handling fabrics at various levels that further emboldened our resolve for launching Rozerra.com.

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How did you decide on the type of designer for the website? Or, did you design your own identity and web presence?

MM: It took us almost 18 months to come to where we are right now with regards to website designs and look and feel of the e-store and believe me we have just achieved 10 per cent of what we actually want our store to feel like. Mind it we want our visitor/customer to feel our e-store and not look at it. We would be adding a lot many features in the near future, which should be path breaking or creating a benchmark of its own.


Who is your target audience?

MM: Now that’s what we wouldn’t like to discuss in public, because we had a 52-year-old lady asking for something very sexy and also a girl of 16 years looking for something basic. Also, there are guys trying to buy some basic stuff for their life partner. Look, India has a huge diaspora and all that we can say is this, that we, or for that matter no one till date has been able to tap it to the hilt.

Tell us about the different kinds of products the website offers and the brands as well. Also, what is the price range of the products?

MM: Rozerra is the only online lingerie store that offers women’s and men’s inner and intimate wear. There are different styles of bras for women like—padded, push-up, everyday bra, strapless bra, maternity bra, full covered, semi-covered, underwired, convertible, multi-way, seamless, half-padded, non-padded, plunge, sports, and many more in bra categories.

Men’s lingerie includes men’s sexy honeymoon and playful wear, men’s underwear, boxers, pyjamas, sleepwear shirts, and combos of shorts.

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Women pay special attention to some special styles chosen by Rozerra lovers, such as baby doll, lingerie sets, corsets, bikinis, satin wraps, costume lingerie active wear, shapewear, body stockings, shorts and pyjamas, and plus size lingerie.


The special product offered at Rozerra for men and women are Night Glow Lingerie, which is an outfit that glows in the dark.


Tools of Love for today’s lovers includes, handcuffs, covers, pasties, sleep masks, feather whip paddle.

You think of it and we have it.

The price range starts from ` 199 to 2999. Our prices are pocket-friendly

Brands that we have are—Pretty Secrets, Clovia, Candyskin, Kamuklife, Libertina, Tuna London, Liberty, Mybra, Hotnsweet, Elina, and many more.


How did you choose the products and brands to be showcased on the website?

MM: Beggars can’t be choosers. Yes, that’s right, initially we didn’t have any choices. We knocked on everyone’s door, some showed their stiff upper lip to us. The one’s who welcomed us with their products are there with us and we are very glad that two of the giants, Pretty Secrets and Clovia along with Libertina, Tuna London, Mybra, Elina, Hot & Sweet, have been so supportive to us.

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The range that we have now is just superb and hopefully with increased sales and marketing we can get more brands and products on board with us.


What are the special features your website promises? How is it different from the others?

MM: It’s very easy to have beautiful pictures or features, but what is missing from the experience side of other ecom online platforms is the 24x 7 customer support service. We are available round-the-clock through our telecallers, as well as on Whatsapp. Knowing fully well the nature of business and the intimacy of the products, we try to be on our toes all the time just to guide our customers.


We have a very comprehensive size and fit guide backed by both male and female specialists who guide the customer in case of doubts. Our user interface is very simple and that has helped us having a lot of customers from Tier II and Tier III cities.


What other ways do you use to connect with your audience on social media?

MM: Our connect with our customers is through the heart. Our chats have given us a great number of regular customers. The various contests on our e-store have got us a lot of loyal followers. From time to time we encourage various activities for relevant days such as, National Girl Child Day and No Bra Day.


Do explain about your payment and delivery policies? What are the different kinds of payment modes made available and how easy are they?

MM: Our payment methods are very secure and safe. For metro cities we promise delivery within 3-5 working days and for other suburbs or states,

it’s is 5-8 working days maximum. We are flexible with payment modes for our customers as they can choose cash on delivery, net banking, Paytm, card payments and many more avenues. On demand, we also provide discreet packaging to our customers.


Do tell us about your future plans and expectations in terms of profits in the coming year?

MM: Everybody Wants to Rule The World. We are no different; yes, but the way of achieving it will be different. In the next three years, we will be working towards achieving a sale in excess of ` 500 crore and a profit of minimum 10 per cent after taking care of all the expenses. I know that sounds too bullish but we have done our arithmetic properly and believe me, I just don’t buy the fact that some of the leading players who have sales in excess of say 500/600 crore are making a loss. Sorry, but I can easily say that with the amount of money/ working capital at disposal with them and the scale/inventory that they have there is no way that a person or company can have losses. We are a notch above breakeven and in the coming months would be increasing it exponentially.


What do you see as some of the other goals of an e-store other than just increasing revenue and growing your reach?

MM: In our category and society it has to be awareness, because I still think that a major portion of the female population in India does not know about the right shapes and sizes of the inner garment that they are wearing. Also, lingerie as an occasion wear is yet to catch up the imagination of our society and daily life. Awareness, both in the social domain as well as lingerie as a leisure and luxury has to be explored and whosoever achieves it will win in the long run.


Tell us about Rozerra.com’s core team and how they fit together to bring out an excellent product.

MM: The core team includes Sneha Jain, who is our MUV. Right from vendor management to customer delight, she is there for all.

Rony is heading our backend operations, the hardware and software…all of it. Rupjit is the designing head, the youngest and really aggressive who has helped to design the look and feel of the website.


Do you feel that shopping for intimate wear online has become more popular in recent years? Do cite reasons for the same.

MM: Yes, and it is nothing and will increase exponentially because of the working environment of young adults, the amount of disposable income, the social environment where-in live-in relationships are being given a thumbs up, smart phones and net connectivity and obvious awareness about the urge to look beautiful beneath.


Do you see the e-commerce site as a gateway to a brick and mortar store?

MM: Yes and No. Yes, because lots of players like Myntra have started setting up brick and mortar stores, but how long will they be able to sustain it, only time will tell. Also, if you are interested in a brick and mortar store then why go online. Also, knowing fully well the nature of our products, the future lies with the ecom platform.



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