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India’s Leading Lingerie brand

Enamor launched its exclusive flagship store at Oberoi mall Goregoan Mumbai

The store is located at the city’s popular shopping mall at Oberoi Mall, Goregoan (E) Mumbai on the second floor. Enamor creates high-quality premium lingerie experience. Their collection has been split into three sections. Starting with lingerie, sportswear and home wear across the different sections in the venue. We focused mainly on the women’s lingerie which was the largest collection being showcased.  We were genuinely blown away by the quality, style and budgeted price of all of the products

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Enamor features an exclusive collection of women’s lingerie in India also including ladies nightwear, bridal wear, activewear/ leisurewear and sportswear. The two-door main entrance of the store allows you to have a glimpse of the latest collection available in store.  Enamor will continue to showcase their new collections on mannequins which is smartly placed at the center of the store as soon as you walk in. The new Enamor lingerie store is designed in such a unique way, they have provided ample of space for every customer to walk through each collection achieving the freedom, comfort and privacy as they browse through their products without disturbance. The store has a very elegant-like atmosphere that is pleasing for many. The interiors are painted cream with hints of pink, keeping in theme with Enamor’s branding. Offering warmth and comfort whilst being very easy to coordinate with natural materials and stronger colours. The store is clean, organized, and known to have a great team of staff to assist their guests. The store features a combination of colors and merchandise.


Once you set foot in you will notice how each collection is aptly showcased. Fashionably hung on display the Dailies Collection by Enamor can be seen on the right side while the festive and autumn winter 2017 range is on your left.


Collection wise arrangement : The arrangement makes it easier for you to direct yourself to the lingerie that fits your mood and comfort for the season i.e. essentials or stylish sexy lingerie.

You name the style and they have it in – store by category. This makes the shopping experience much easier for customers to achieve all their innerwear needs under one roof. The product range is extensive. You can purchase the following designs T-Shirt Bra, Push Up Bra, Multi strap Bra, Balconette Bra, Plunge Bra, Padded Bra, Non Padded Bra, Wired Bra, Wirefree Bra, Low Coverage Bra, Medium Coverage Bra and High Coverage Bra. Panties-Low Waist, Mid Waist, Boy Shorts, Hipster, Bikini, Co-ordinates, By Packs- Singles, Pack of 2, Pack of 3, by Fabric- Lace, Mesh, Polyamide, Satin, Stretch Cotton and Stretch Modal.


Nightwear-by category- Glamour and Essentials. By Silhouette- Babydoll, Chemise, Tops, and Bottoms. Shapewear- By Silhouette, Body Slimmer, Hi-Waist Thigh Slimmer, Hi-Waist Slimmer, Torso Slimmer and Tummy Slimmer. By Fabric- Lace, Polymaide, and Seamless. Sports Wear- High, Medium And Low Impact Bras In Designs Such As Non-Padded, Padded, Wirefree, Padded Wirefree And Non-Padded Wirefree.

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The store consists of single floor and features all their latest fashionable collections including their existing daily collections. In addition to underwear, the store also offers sports and home wear. Enamor has recently launched their exquisite AW 2017 lingerie collection boasts of beautiful rich key colors such as red, marsala, wine, purple, blue, peach and black and gold. It is such a beautiful palette and each item is focussed on comfort, detailing such as embroidery and lace.  Not only were these pieces undoubtedly on trend, fashionable and made with such a high quality. Coordinates include a brief with embroidered side inserts.


The new store has many new concepts in-store, which is designed to make the shopping experience more convenient.

The store’s new concept also features a true lingerie approach to a woman’s needs focussing on fit and comfort, the range of bras are organized according to the size and neatly tucked away in drawers making the lingerie more accessible to the customers and easier for them to pick out their size. One of its central point being customers that use the changing rooms, have a switch where at a click of the button a sales representative is there to help you, making the experience more comfortable and convenient. Each trial room is painted in a neutral pink polka dot color scheme achieving a classy and sophisticated look.

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Innovation in Trial Rooms :

Four creative steel lingerie holders that read; yes, no, maybe and try to help you with your lingerie buying decisions avoiding any last minute confusions. On one wall you will notice a frame displaying an Enamor fabulous bra deconstructed reading, ‘Lace: the super soft, imported lace trims used in our bras are delicate and hand cut, a process that requires perfection and focus.


Cups: They’re crafted to suit various body types and offer a soft hand feel with superior support. Cups come in various shapes and forms. Moulded, cut and sew, and gel filled. Straps: The specially crafted straps are made strong to provide strength and support. Extra brushing treatment ensures comfort and softness. Hook and eye: It allows for better comfort as it can be adjusted to change in body measurements. Ring and slider:  These are flat metal trims that ensure your straps stay in place and don’t slip off and dig in. Side Wing: The side wings are from stretch fabric to provide ease of movement all day comfort and a flattering fit. The added power mesh shapes the side bulges. Center gore: The width and height of the centre gore determines how the cup tilts and fits on the body. Underwire: It provides the best form of uplift and support; ensuring a more defined silhouette. Based on the styles, different underwires are used to ensure that the style fits perfectly.


There is a saying good things come to those who wait. While you are rummaging and trying out different pieces, your friend need not feel bored as the Enamor store has organised a beautiful seating created at the center of the trial rooms ideal for customers waiting. Set in front of it are custom ordered delicious cookies, water and a television to repress any boredom and satisfy your appetite.



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