Entering the 20th Year,Some Thoughts and Introspection

October 24, 2017 written by
Oct - 2017 Mailer

Lacenlingerie Magazine Completes 19th Anniversary

Anniversaries are celebrated with numbing regularity by magazines, including, obviously, this one. But we hope we’ve at least departed from this solipsistic tradition by looking outward rather than in, focusing on the tumultuous period with which the magazine’s life span has coincided. Drawing the borders of history is, to some degree, has been the very story of the industry we live and thrive in, but it’s safe to say that these last 19 years have marked an era of tremendous change in India.

The year of 1998 when we started this magazine with a team of just 4 people we didn’t know at that time we would live to see this day even. As we celebrate our 19th anniversary this year, my mind goes back over the past two decades, what our industry has achieved and how its denizens have progressed. What our magazine has accomplished?

But we are a still a young publication, and have the youthful energy to witness the change and report back as honestly and objectively without being a participant lest we lose our objectivity. We can and must do more for its future growth.

As a visionary I have great ideas for the industry and for our publication and see the future quite bright as the sun, as the billion plus population will lead this nation in creating the demand and be discerning enough to demand quality and value for money as the corner stones of our industry progress. In that I am amply sure our industry will also rise to the occasion and give back to the people of this great country the kind of products they need the most and also lead them to better and newer innovations with time. This is also time to learn and imbibe and better yourself with every passing day because the world is changing quite rapidly and change is inevitable.

Today every major brand is at India’s doorstep wanting to create a niche of their own in this market and time and again the people of this country have shown that their respect for the brand and their assimilation in our market has been for those who have had the patience and understood the local customs and norms and have tweaked their offerings and products to suit Indian palate and not the other way around. There are scores of examples from FMCG to durables to services who have been in the Indian market for decades now. The same is true for the lingerie industry even. So learning, listening and assimilation are the traits which the modern marketer should not forget in a hurry.

So I have great ideas and the past years haven’t dimmed my energy nor weakened my resolve to try and usher for the people of this industry a brighter and bigger future. As I am reminded of a programme Mission Millennium Next which we started in the year 2000 which saw the start of the trade fairs for this sector and a new openness was ushered through which the trade grew many times over and many professionals got attracted to the growth prospects and the challenges this industry brought with it. Today we are a 20,000 crore market and we are at a cusp of creating history once again to propel this industry towards a hi growth trajectory. So each one has a role to play in creating opportunities through shared knowledge and creating an environment of growth. The market has the propensity to grow to Rs. 50,000 crore in the next few years so there is room for everybody here. It all depends how we respond to the challenges, and understand the gaps and create opportunities.

So on this 19th Anniversary I wish to thank one and all who have stood by us and continue their support for which we are greatly indebted.



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