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Panty lines are caused due to ill fitted panties and/or hems in construction. Panty lines are a constant worry and has been posing a problem for decades now. Brands have started to take account of this wardrobe problem and through extensive research and design modification, they are trying to correct the issue with care. Most conscious brands will say it in unison that seamless panties that provide right fit to women is the right way to say no to panty lines.

To further elaborate on this topic, we delved deep and started to unearth the facts behind panty lines and how to get rid of the same.

Getting rid of panty lines 

“Most traditional manufacture don’t recognize panty lines as a problem and continue churning out products without any changes in structure. New age lingerie companies, with customer base demanding panties, which don’t show over clothing, are working in this direction and all of them have product lines like thongs, boy shorts, seamless panties to solve the problem of panty line. If we go in to the depth, then I would like to mention that thick hems and uneven construction of panties is main culprit in causing panty lines,” Abhishek Kumar of C9 analyses the varied aspects of panty lines.

“Visible panty lines are women’s worst nightmare. However, it can be handled if we got a few tricks up our sleeves like opting for thick or textured fabric. It helps to mask the lines or we can camouflage by picking a printed outfit. We offer a range of collections that are manufactured to precision. Our products are essentially soft and flexible which helps to avoid the terror of VPL. The same goes with the elastics that we use.


We would rather use the term ‘right size’. No matter how you weigh, if you are picking the correct size and a comfortable style that suits your body type you are most likely to not face this issue. Every brand irrespective of their market value does focus on providing the comfort that their consumers expect from the products. So, for panty lines we could peg it on the design up to an extent, but it is not entirely the design’s fault. Like we mentioned earlier, if our consumers make themselves aware of their suitable size and style, this issue can no longer be a problem,” Vinod Kumar Gupta, Managing Director, Dollar explains.

Understanding panty lines

“While there is nothing drastically wrong with your panty line being visible underneath tight or light coloured pants, it does give a rather unflattering look and may make you seem less polished especially in a formal or professional setting. There are two main things that can be done if you want to avoid panty lines, one has to do with the style of the brief and the other is the fabric. Brief styles such as boy shorts, that don’t cut across the bottom or thongs/G-strings that have no fabric at all will help to eliminate panty lines. One can even opt for shapewear that extends all the way down the thighs and will give a smooth finish. One of the most effective way to avoid visible panty lines to wear briefs made with seamless ‘invisible’ fabrics that are thin enough to blend in with the skin and that have flat edges with invisible stitching.

Additionally, if you are wearing light coloured or white pants, its best to wear a brief in a nude colour that best matches your skin tone,” explains Shweta Verma – Head of Marketing, Triumph Intl., India and Sri Lanka.


“We have various product options in briefs for women looking to eliminate panty lines: Body Make-up Brief (Fashion 60 Midi): This midi brief has a seamless designs and a flat cut that remains invisible even under tight clothing. It is made of high-quality microfiber fabric for the ultimate comfort fit and super soft feel. StrettySkinfit 15 hipster: Crafted from quality stretch fabric to give you a second skin feel and fit. This soft and smooth modern cut brief has high sides with a low cut on leg, offering full coverage and the shape is ideal for everyday wear, flattering under tight fitting clothes. StrettySkinfit 144 Hipster: This Skinfitmicrofibre brief offers a super smooth invisible look and feel. They are made from elastic microfiber for seamless, hem-free invisibility and feature laser cut leg openings along with a bonded waistband, for a completely flat feel against the skin. Becca Extra High Long Panty: The Becca Long Panty is an extra high shaping brief for tummy control, designed to give you an incomparable feeling of smooth comfort under your clothes. Soft touch Lycra grip at waistband and; leg opening gives a firm yet comfortable grip. Flat seams and edges guarantee invisibility under figure hugging clothes.

Visible panty lines are a result of the seams of the brief showing through under tight or semi translucent bottom wear, how much a person weighs has no impact on this. For brand to have a truly seamless effect, it is important to focus on the overall design of the brief. There are various things that need to be taken into consideration like the material used – microfiber/lycra, the cut of the panty, the style of stitching, the kind of edges/trims being used etc.,” Shweta adds.

Tips to make panty lines invisible

Abhishek Kumar of C9 further tells us the plain facts that can help disappear the panty lines, he says, “First find the right fit and make sure the panty is comfortable, this to a greater extent will help you avoid panty lines. Wear Nice Thong or boy shorts for full coverage and support in order to remove panty lines. Also when selecting underwear with flimsy or thin clothing, choose the colour of your underwear carefully. Flesh-coloured underwear blends in with your skin, leaving invisible panty lines, even if outer wear is bit see-through. Alternatively, wear thick on textured fabrics. When it comes to tight clothing, jersey, silk and other lightweight, slinky materials are not appropriate- they are smooth and clingy. Save them for looser silhouette and use thicker and more textured fabrics for no panty lines show.”


“Our seamless panty is like 2nd skin. More comfortable and properly fitted. Instead of elastic gripping at leg open we are giving more finish piping with satin stitches to avoid this discomfort, Abhishek further adds.

Monal Vora of Red Rose, is also of the same opinion and says, “Avoid tight fitting clothes in thinner fabrics. Also, now there are panties in market with garment construction to avoid panty lines. We have a zero panty line seamless range with stitches and construction such as to avoid the problem. However, the sensitivity regarding the issue has still not been addressed as much as it should be and we as brand owners should take responsibility to try and solve this issue with our offerings. Today, there are multiple panty style options to address every need. So as mentioned, there are specific options to cater to the problem.”

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