Etam;Bonjour INDIA! Are you ready to experience the French Liberté?

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“The increasing influence of Etam in the world of lingerie and fashion is inescapable. For years, Etam has been dedicated to supporting confident empowered women in France. Our guiding principle? Liberty, innovation and beauty.”  Laurent Milchior, Head of Etam Group

Keeping in line with its vision to become a leading international lingerie brand, “Etam Paris” has recently launched in India. Based on the growth of e-commerce in India, shifting consumer behaviour and staying true to their digital forward DNA the brand has initially launched through their e-commerce website The website will offer the Indian consumers the opportunity to engage with the brand and enjoy the privilege to order their complete collection available in the French market.

Etam Paris, founded in 1916 is a family run lingerie brand with a presence in 51 countries, serving customers through a global network 773 stores.  The brand boasts of 100-year know-how in corsetry making which establishes their position as the leading global lingerie brand. Created by Max Linderman, Etam Paris first started selling synthetic leggings to customers through its first store in Berlin, which were very popular with women as they enjoyed the beginnings of their liberation. The story of Etam is written through lingerie, supporting the emancipation of woman by releasing them from their corsets and then bringing the underclothes out of the closet.

lacenlingerie_4The brand is constantly innovating to empower women and to help them feel comfortable and free in their bodies. They also love to celebrate the glamorous side of lingerie and have injected their love for fashion into the art of corsetry. Etam Paris was the first brand to use under-wiring in bras and the first to put prints on daytime and night time lingerie. This was followed by seamless cups, cleavage measurements, memory foam bras, lace colour ranges and soon, revolutionary silicone under-wiring. Today everywhere, the Etam woman is strong and independent; she knows who she is and who she wants to be. She is effortlessly sexy and self-confident, which is the characteristic of French women across the world.

“Expertise, attention to detail, quality and fashion lie at the heart of this success, with the right answers to the desires of customers in every country.”

The brand will be offering products across lingerie, nightwear, shape wear and swimwear with styles and designs attracting women of all age groups. Etam is constantly mapping apparel fashion trends and infusing them into their collections to create fashion forward designs for the modern woman. The brand is strongly characterized by the use of unique French laces, beautiful backs, spectacular necklines and signature bodysuits. It is constantly designing new lace concepts from sketch to hand finishing with its long time partner Noyon, a Calais lace maker since 1919. The lingerie is priced between Rs. 900 – Rs. 3500 and nightwear is priced between Rs. 1000 – Rs. 3800. The brand will be directly shipping from France to the Indian consumer with delivery timelines between 5-15 days, based on the method of shipping. Delivery is free for orders over Rs. 4500.

Etam Paris is also available on TATA Cliq. The brand is currently exploring the Indian retail market based on which they will eventually launch stores in 2019. We look forward to experience the French liberté and welcome Etam to India.

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