Euro Fashion Inners Launches Fluorescent Underwear

September 16, 2016 written by
A Male Modal in Blue Underwear Introducing Micra Flash for Euro Fashion

Euro Fashion Inners announced the launch of its sub brand, Micra Flash. Euro Fashions, as it is popularly called, is a premium innerwear brand from the House of Rupa, India’s leading innerwear brand since 1968.

Micra Flash is a brand new offering from Euro that delivers superior comfort using ultra soft fabric and comfort enhancing double breathable knit. The briefs are made of 100% combed cotton fabric, which is breathable, gentle on the skin and does not cause irritation.

Flash briefs are specially processed for shrinkage control and long lasting shape. They are much more durable and feature trendy body hugging cuts to reveal superior body shape. The briefs also come with reinforced stitching that helps the product maintain its original shape throughout its life.

“Euro Fashion Inners aims to deliver innovative products driven by consumer demand for superior comfort and durability. The brand strives to remain true to its promise of providing quality innerwear through the launch of Micra Flash, which is a high-quality and advanced brief providing comfort and style in one package.” says Euro Fashions Brand President, Mr Rajnish Agarwal.

In addition to comfort, Micra Flash is also skewed towards contemporary style and fashion. The range presents designer low waist briefs with fluorescent waist bands, which are much in trend these days, especially popular among the young and stylish men who aspire to be the style icons. Micra Flash briefs are available in different sizes in attractive fluorescent colours.


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  • Mens Innerwear is finally seeing a breath of fresh air.

    ray September 21, 2016 9:48 pm Reply

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