Eurojersey and Framis Italia unveil seamless sportswear

May 24, 2019 written by

Framis Italia, a specialist in thermo-adhesive polyurethane applications for fashion blends its NoSo bonding technology with the comfort of sensitive fabrics materials. The NoSo heat-welded wrapping, which is applied directly to the flat surface of Sensitive Fabrics supports muscles by sustaining movement, sculpting the silhouette with measured compression and adapting to the body without constricting it.

And, this association has led to creating two technological sport looks, thermo-welding with bi-adhesive ribbons and no seams due to the ultrasonic combination toughened by Portofino. Sensitive sculpt and perforated fabric is use to craft both the looks; however, tops and leggings, which are supported by a functional Dre ribbon are the offering of one ensemble, while bodies with Dream Reflective Silver ribbon by Framis comprises of the second one.

Eurojersey and Framis Italia unveil seamless sportswear - 1

From the item’s design to its production, Framis provides an integrated system for combinations, welding and seamless thermo-adhesive applications, with its NoSo Bonding Technology, which develops both the film and the machines to apply it.

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