Eurojersey launches its new Sensitive Fabrics collection

July 15, 2019 written by
Eurojersey launches its new Sensitive Fabrics collection - 1

The Italian textile company, Eurojersey recently launched its new collection of flowing, highly feminine lingerie garments, under the name Sensitive Fabrics for the AW20 season. The fabrics are soft, comfortable, sensual, and provide a second-skin feel.

Sensitive Fabrics offers breathability, freshness, lightness and a delicate shaping effect, suitable for manufacturing any lingerie garment. Eurojersey launched various fabrics for different types of garments such as, Cocooning, which includes ultra-light fabrics with a colour palette ranging from dusty pink, nude and grey to brighter shades of red for refined lingerie. Also, gold pigments are combined to add decorative effects by the eco print technique.

Nocturne, includes graphic work of gemmed prints, highlighted by gem effect jewel elements guaranteeing a natural shaping effect with hues of blue, dark green, grey, and black. Cool contrasting colours are teamed up with glittery melange prints producing Lurex effects. This range is specially created for elegant and sensual underwear and nightwear garments.

Eurojersey launches its new Sensitive Fabrics collection - 2

Functionality and performance are the plus factors of the Futurism range of Sensitive Fabrics as it is designed for active wear lingerie collection and is developed with a new take on camouflage prints. It also consists of a colour palette played out in green, from the darkest to the brightest shades with micro elements adding a little work of art in the fabric.

The Urbans range of fabric is created for outerwear lingerie garments and is also a part of the unisex project. Interwoven Melange textures and printed geometric micro patterns are teamed with new perforated fabrics in different shades and styles. 3D effect digital prints in shades of grey and graphic designs with interlock effect offer a wider product range catering to the men’s segment.

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