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Mumbai based lingerie and nightwear brand Red Rose added another feather to its cap with the grand opening of its franchise retail outlet in Hyderabad city. Mr Karan ShayamVaishanav opened the outlet in the bustling area of BadiChowdi Market which industry regulars know as the heart of Hyderabad.

 In that heart is located Red Rose’s new store which is positioned in between a jewellery gift shop and a saree’s shop. This location works great for the store in attracting ample of potential female customers to the store. The store’s transparent doors allows a delightful peek of the pearly white and pink interiors of the two storey store to the customers outside. A couple of mannequins are also decked up in the latest pieces of lingerie and nightwear and are fixed at the store window to attract the cutomers.

As you enter the store, you are mesmerised by the pearly white and pink marble interiors illuminating due to the white lights shining from above the ceiling. The ground floor of the store is dedicated to women’s cosmetics and accessories. Just as you step into the store, the wall on your right side is all decked up with women’s accessories such as earrings, bracelets, buckles, clips, etc hanging on the display fixtures.


As you move forward, the glass shelves on both the walls and the glass counters on the left side are filled with neatly stacked women’s beauty products consisting of make-up cosmetics, perfumes, skin care and hair care products. The store stocks women’s beauty products from various international and national brands such as Maybelline New York, Lakme, Lotus, Huda Beauty, Nivea, Himalaya, Garnier, etc.

When you are done browsing through all the beauty products and selecting one for yourself, the marble stairs leads you to the first floor of the store which is solely dedicated to lingerie and nightwear. The upper floor is fully loaded with lingerie and nigthwear products. The lingerie products are all packed in boxes and are neatly stacked on the glass shelves and inside the glass counters. The other wall has all the nightwear products displayed on the waterfall fixtures which you can browse through personally.

The store stocks lingerie and nightwear from various brands such as Red Rose, Juliet, Sonari, Oceanic, Dermawear, C9, etc. The upper floor also consists of a trial room at one end near the stairs for customers to try out products before any purchase. Both the floors have two female staff members to accompany and help you to find the right product for yourself.

The staff members and the manager of the store are very friendly and they are ever ready to help you with any of your product queries.


Talking to LNL, Mr Karan ShayamVaishnav gives us more insights about his unique store, the concept behind the store and his future plans…

How would you define your store?

One stop Lingerie and Cosmetics Shop

Do tell us the space in sqft and the number of people (staff) in the store including the manager.

It is a G+1, store. Each floor is of 310 sqft area and in each floor there are two female staff with one manager for the entire store.

Do tell us about the interiors and décor of the store. Also give us details of the window display in your store.

Both the floors are fully furnished with glass counters and one trail room. At the entrance, there are two mannequins in display.

What TG (Target Group) does your store cater to?

We usually see a lot of young customers in our store. Approximately, I can say that 60 per cent of our customers are in the age group of 19-32 years and 40 per cent are others.

What kind of retail concepts were kept in mind while designing this store? Have you been able to achieve these objectives?

There were no such concepts in mind but yes we wanted to expand our store presence in Hyderabad and yes we did it. Through this store, we are not only offering lingerie and nightwear which we are famous for but also women’s accessories and cosmetics.

What is the retail strategy planned and how it is being implemented to reach out to your customers?

The one thing that we want to give our customers is an unforgettable experience.  We always make sure that our customers feel comfortable and receive all the help they need in our store. We also keep our window displays updated and change it everyday.

What are your return policies when it comes to retail?

Yes, we are all open for product exchange and return until and unless the product is not damaged and is returned within a week.

What are your plans going ahead?

In a few years, we would love to see Red Rose become a bright chain store in Hyderabad city.

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