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In 1984, a unique retail store on Hollywood Boulevard opened and began specializing in design and manufacturing of leather apparel. Popular among some of the biggest musicians and rock stars of that era, Forplay was best known for its ability to custom design and quickly manufacture apparel for its demanding and highly visible clientele. Many jackets and pants designed and manufactured by Forplay made their way onto popular music videos on MTV; and subsequently, attracted a large consumer following.
By the late 1990s, Leather was out and Sexy was in. Forplay began to design and manufacture sexy fashion apparel.
Forplay Hermosa Beach Monokini- Rs. 2399 and Size- S to L. Forplay Simply Chic Monokini- at Rs. 2799 and Size- Rs. S to L. Both styles are made from 80% Nylon and 20% Spandex. This Regular fit style ornamental comes with a whistle buckle and Halter neckstyle.

This transformation has made Forplay more visible to an even larger population of celebrities and consumers. In so doing, they began to pioneer a new product category within the apparel industry by positioning itself as the Young Hollywood brand of fashion and apparel worldwide For more than 25 years, Forplay has been setting the standard for sexy, with a celebrity following including Kim Kardashian, Lindsay Lohan, Tori Spelling, Carmen Electra, Lauren Conrad and many more.
You can stretch right up and touch the sky. When the weather’s fine.” And the weather is sure to be fine indeed! So, gear up this summer with sexy swim wear from Forplay’s Swimwear collection, Take a trip to the waters with fine cut bikinis, monokinis, electrifying prints, fringes and so much more from the land of Los Angeles. Fashionara is getting beach ready with High-Fashion Swimwear from BLVD!

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