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Who does not like to have a great hourglass figure? We all love curves and most women get tensed about their tummy fat, love handles, flab on the lower abdomen, etc. But here’s a great way to get in shape and show off those curves with this new shapewear making a noise in the market…the seamless and chic cami shapers.

What is it?

So, what exactly is a cami shaper, you may wonder. Simply put, it is shapewear that contours your body cutting off the flab effortlessly and smoothening any creases.


A cami shaper, which is essentially a compression wear, is to be worn beneath your outerwear. It lifts the bust and shapes your midsection thereby enhancing the shapely appearance of the wearer. It’s three-in-one-design of a bra, camisole and undergarment is simply wonderful. You need to step into the cami shaper and pull it over your body to wear it. This wonder product makes you appear two sizes smaller instantly.


G Rajaram, National Sales Manager, Sangam Lifestyle Ventures Limited, C9 Fashions, says, “Shapers are targeted to men and women in equal measure who wish to look slim and smooth. We rate the shapers as 8/10 because its sales are growing on ever quarter. Recent trend shows high preference for shapers and the demand is growing steadily.”


Mr Mohan Krishnan of Mybra, a brand that manufacturers this must-have product, says, “Mybra cami shaper is a new launch and we have initiated a new category in seamless shapewear products. We are among the first few manufacturers in India to develop this product. This product offers many advantages to the user. The first is a clean, smooth silhouette that the wearer enjoys because this is a seam-free product that offers shaping to the upper torso and the abdomen area.”

Body care

Bodycare Creations Ltd., is another brand that offers this product. Mr Sanjay Dawar, MD, says, “Our cami shaper has the compression on tummy line and creates pressure on side fat of tummy, without putting any pressure on the breast of any individual. It is a seamless manufacturing to provide comfort and ease to the consumer.”


Jockey is another brand that offers this camisole shapewear that would fits like second skin. Its Iced Frappe Seamless Shaping Camisole is made out of microfibre fabric and can be worn beneath shirts or tops. It’s in fact 80 per cent polyamide and 20 per cent elastane and the seamless technology offers perfect contouring and comfort while making you feel comfortably slim and sleek. It smoothens your curves while lifting your rear and also flattens your tummy. Moreover, adjustable straps with classy rose gold accents are a great option too. It also comes in black colour and the sizes are S to XL. It is priced at INR 1,049.


Zoom Reveira too is an Indian brand that manufactures this product in a tank top style. This beige-coloured shaper is perfect to cover flab and offers excellent contouring of the body while making you feel comfortable and relaxed.

Zoom Reveira

Mr Ankit Jain of Zoom Reveira, mentions, “Our shapewear has more cotton consistency compared spandex and polyamide. It is 65 per cent cotton, 15 per cent spandex and 20 per cent polyamide. Our product is suitable for the Indian climate so that people can wear it during the summer as well. It is made of comfortable, soft and breathable fabric. It controls the tummy and side bulges as well as corrects posture and provides back support.”


Spanx’s Thinstincts Convertible Camisole offers a subtle light control shaping that is sure to make you look and feel your very best. This body shaper gives you a slim tummy and waist and fits every bust perfectly. Besides, it offers non-compression chest coverage and one of the most versatile feature is its straps…these can be worn in a close set manner and even criss-cross. Made out of breathable moisture-wicking fine gauge stretch microfibre, this cami shaper is one of the best options. This product comes in black and powder colours and is available in XS to XL sizes.

Different styles and sizes

Most brands offer different styles in this shaper except a couple. Mr Sanjay says, “In Bodycare we manufacture two styles of cami shapers…one is a regular vest and one with detachable straps so that it can be worn with dresses and gowns.” Both are available in two colours, black and white at MRP of INR 699. Also, they cater to medium to double XL range.


Mybra, on the other hand, offers one style with medium support in three sizes, L/XL, 2XL and 3 XL. While the colours offered are pink, white and skin. The price for cami shaper starts from INR 500.


Jockey offers another style in this product, which is the tank top style that too slims and shapes the tummy, waist and back. This style also comes in black colour and is priced at INR 1,199. It comes is S to XL sizes as well.


Spanx has In + Out Tank—the body-shapings tank top style with a non-compression bust, which means more stretch and a smush-free fit. It is easy to put on and take off as well. Made out of cotton rich fabric, this product promises to slim your core and comes in S to XL sizes.


Zivame Shaping Vest Medium Control in black colour is another cami shaper to look at. Who doesn’t want a flat tummy? We all do… and here’s something that promises to give you that. This black cami gives you a toned look by smoothening out the bulges on your tummy and waistline. The body shaped is long-lasting as the polyamide spandex fabric has shape retention properties. The Thinvisible technology used to make this cami is fabulous as you get chafe-free comfort and gives you a line-free look, making it great to wear under your tight outerwear. This super shaper is priced at INR 1495 and is available in sizes S to XL.


Mr Ankit states that Zoom Reveira offers on one style of cami shaper and it comes in sizes, ML, XL, 2XL, and 3XL. The colours that they offer are black and skin. Their product is priced at INR 799 for ML and XL and INR 849 for 2XL and 3XL.


The benefits…

“Bodycare’s cami shaper works on tummy-related problems and handles the bulges well without any irritation and rashes,” states Mr Sanjay.


Mr Mohan Krishna of Mybra says, “The problem areas that our cami shapers helps you hide are the bulges on the sides of the upper chest, the chest area, the abdomen, the waist area and your upper back as well as the lower back.


According to Mr Ankit, “Apart from taking care of side bulges and the tummy, our product also helps in bust enhancement post pregnancy.”



For your top-half promises to lift boobs and smooth out those lumps and bumps. So, is this the end of the bra?


To find a good body shaper, it’s important to know your correct fit. So, you need to know your proper measurements or go to a good store where you can get help to find the right size. If you force yourself into shapewear that is too small, there are sure to be bumps and lumps, not to mention the discomfort. Moreover, these innovative control vests also claim to offer the support of a bra, at the same time smoothening out bulges, which increase with age.

Also, there are many that do away with the underwire, so as to offer a more comfortable uplift. This new-age shapewear has been smartly designed to not only such in, but also sculpt and support the tummy and your back. It also boosts the bust while getting rid of underarm bulge and back fat.


Consumption and market size

Bodycare targets women in the age group of 20-40 years while Mybra aims for all age segments, basically women who want to look great in a short time. “Working women, housewives, college students, etc., can all wear Mybra shapers and put on their outerwear and get going about their work in the shortest possible time. This cami shaper, while giving them instant slimming gives the wearer great confidence and poise,” states Mr Mohan.


As far as the consumption of the product is concerned, Mr Sanjay says, “Definitely it is picking up day by day as the awareness is increasing among the consumers. People need to understand the advantages of a cami shaper over the complete body shaper or a body suit. It is more convenient to wear too.”


While Mr Mohan feels, since it’s a new product in the shapewear category, it will take time for product awareness as well as consumer awareness, amongst consumers.


Mr Sanjay also states that body shaper garments is a niche but growing market and still we need to calculate it in a more precise manner. Mr Mohan, too, mentions that it is too early to tell at the moment. “We can only conjecture,” he states, about the market size of the cami shaper in totality.


Mr Ankit too agrees and says the shapewear market is picking up now and cami shaper does not contribute as much as the belt, the body panty and tummy control panty and shorty. “This is my observation of the market and my market opinion about my product,” he adds.


As far as the cami shaper market share, Mr Ankit says that there is not much awareness about this product. “If this product is promoted properly and people are given proper information, there will be good sales. But there’s little awareness about the product and there is hardly any knowledge about it. It’s not only a fashionable product, but it’s a necessity. Customers need to be aware of its use,” he opines.


He goes on to explain that a lady who has just delivered starts exercising only 5-6 months after the birth of the baby. A cami shaper is very helpful for such a person. Also, he says, “I am not saying that shapewear is going to make you thin, but you can certainly look in shape during weddings, parties, etc., which are taking place frequently these days.”


Moreover, Mr Ankit feels that international brands are selling corsets, etc., under the name of shapewear. Also, he explains that earlier shapewear was difficult to wear in the hot season, but now you can get shapewear in cotton as well, which is a great thing.

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