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Austro Brand Innerwear , Undergarments for Men

Austro has taken men’s body wear to a new dimension with their body-accentuating cuts, sculpted fit, innovative fabrics, original contoured pouches, superb quality, alluring style along with keeping in trend with seasonal collections and colours. Austro has established itself as a brand with serious sex appeal and follows simple design philosophy, using the natural contours of a man’s body along with clean simple lines. Austro conveys an ideal of sensual sophistication and is driven by the principle that everything people wear next to their skin needs to meet the highest standards. The brand accepts no compromise when it comes down to quality, production and workmanship.

Since 2015, Austro has answered the demand for a new brand of men’s body wear. The label’s styling is practical, comfortable and versatile for everyday wear. It combines classic style and sexy underwear with fashion-forward designs that guys will reach for in the underwear drawer every time. The designers of Austro continue to refine and redefine men’s underwear expectations with styles and fit for every occasion through use of the best materials available and with an eye on fit and comfort. Constricting side seams, scratchy labels and tight waistbands are a thing of the past as

Austro men’s underwear offers you unparalleled wearing comfort throughout the entire day.

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Contemporary and Stylish innerwear: Austro’s story is your story. It was founded because the brand wanted more out of their body wear and the frustration was real since consistent fit and quality became a game of roulette…the limited choices and the products that always disappointed once you got home and even when you did find something you liked, a month or two later it’d be gone. A dream to go beyond what men were used to, there had to be a better way. So, with experience spanning almost three decades in manufacturing body wear for various European brands, the state-of-the-art  computer controlled production machines, elaborate production techniques that guarantee high level of accuracy, a trained workforce and the acquired technical knowledge unique to MDC, Austro decided to take matters into its own hands.


“We started from scratch and engineered our own fabrics. We made sure the design process was meticulous with countless blue prints and fittings, so you can count on the fit being the same each time. The difference is in the details, so we obsessed over every stitch and seam until we’d reached as close to perfect as humanly possible. The result, a collection of underwear, tank tops and apparel made with unparalleled fit and fabrics that wears unlike any other,” says, Dinesh Chakaravarthy. D, Vice-President, Sales and Marketing.


The Austro client is an urban male, confident, motivated to peruse a better version of himself, expects high standards, seeks love, socialises and takes great care of his body and isn’t a label herd. Austro underwear and apparels caters to men who appreciate comfort, quality and great fit. The body accentuating-cut, sculpted fit and innovative fabric choices truly provide a nice range to users whether you are looking for style with a metallic hipster for a fun night out, comfort for your everyday wear or a full range of athletic underwear for hitting the gym.

A wide range: In the body wear category they currently have 47 Styles across four  segments (Basic, Collections, Sport, Multipack) and in active wear category they currently have 15 styles across three segments (Sport Lite, Sport Pro, Sport Tech). They offer five sizes—S, M, L, XL, XXL across both the categories. Their body wear range starts from INR 199 and our active wear range starts from INR 379 for tops and INR 529 for bottoms.


Here, it’s predominantly the classic construction cotton followed by various blends in cotton, micro Modal and polyamides. The active wear category is more of polyesters and polyamides with some blends in cotton.


The Lift No Show Brief and Lift No Show Trunk are very popular Austro styles. These styles of body wear are super comfortable and have package boosting benefits. The fit is supportive and prevents chafing and sticking. Experience smooth shopping with exclusive benefits when you shop at

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